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Hamilton annouces re-election bid

Win will secure Hamilton’s third term as Clerk of Circuit Court
Clerk of Circuit Court Brenda Hamilton announces her candidacy Wednesday, Jan. 9 at Jefferson Center, Fralin Atrium. – Photo by S. Hale

Exclusive to The Roanoke Tribune

Before a gathering of over 70 people Wednesday (1/9) at the Jefferson Center, Fralin Atrium, Brenda Hamilton announced plans to seek a third term as Roanoke’s Clerk of Circuit Court.

Hamilton’s life story is one of overcoming obstacles and relying on her own will and determination to succeed. She was born in Prince Edward County, (Farmville) –an area once fraught with intense segregation and legal battles regarding integration of schools during the racial unrest of the 60’s. Continue reading Hamilton annouces re-election bid

Local NAACP president receives 2019 HBCU award!

Dr. Brenda Hale

Milltown, NJ — Cutting Edge Sports Management is pleased to announce that Brenda Hale, 8-term President of the Roanoke Branch NAACP, has been awarded the 2019 HBCU Spirit of America Community Service Award for her outstanding service to the Roanoke community. The award recognizes a person who has made significant contributions to their community through their time, talents and dedication, and who is also recognized as a role model for compassion and service while striving to make the world a better place. Continue reading Local NAACP president receives 2019 HBCU award!

William Fleming girls, boys basketball teams win Mayor’s Cup

Boys MVP – Fleming’s Robert Smith with Lea’s, Sherman, Jr. (left) and Sherman, Sr. at the Annual Winter Classic held Saturday, Jan.12 at the Berglund Center. – Photos by S. Nowlin

by Shawn Nowlin

For the past five years, Roanoke City’s two public high schools have participated in the Lea High School Winter Classic Basketball Challenge.

Both Jack Esworthy and Mickie Hardy, the varsity boys head coach for Patrick Henry High (PH) and William Fleming High (WF) respectively, have said multiple times that the Lea’s Classic is an event they look forward to participating in every year. Continue reading William Fleming girls, boys basketball teams win Mayor’s Cup

Judge Onzlee Ware’s 65th birthday celebration

Judge Onzlee Ware with Rita D. McClenny (left) and daughter Gabrielle Nicole Ware at the judges birthday celebration held Saturday, Jan. 5 at Center in the Square, downtown. – Photo by S. Hale

by S. Rotan Hale

It was truly a night to remember for the Hon. Judge Onzlee Ware who celebrated his 65 birthday, Saturday, Jan. 5.

“He’s a father, he’s a friend, he’s a judge, but most of all he’s a man with a big heart who loves everyone and loves God,” said Rita D. McClenny, who’s been a very special friend to the celebrated honoree. Continue reading Judge Onzlee Ware’s 65th birthday celebration

Seeking the Lost Art of Appreciation . . .

Appreciation is a primary basis for the happiness that everyone is seeking from without while void of its inner central source. So crucial is appreciation that the foundation of all attitude is based primarily upon it–or lack thereof.

“Two, four, six, eight–who do we appreciate,” began one of the more popular athletic school cheers of the past. Today’s answer would probably be, “Nothing and nobody!” It may go unnoticed by those too young to be familiar with the courtesy, morals and manners taught in past decades BTV (before television) that today glorifies violence, sex, profanity and any form of warring mentality that tops the news–“It has to bleed to lead.” Continue reading Seeking the Lost Art of Appreciation . . .