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Post Mothers’ Day reflections . . .

The most common and inclusive of all holidays must surely be Mother’s Day, transcending all others as, according to Webster, the word mother has many additional references other than “a female parent.” It also refers to a woman in authority; the first or beginning-of a movement or establishment or, “to protect and/or care for as a mother.

Whatever its definition, this past Sunday aced all of my previous ones as it was inclusive of three immediate family mothers–including all the children of at least one. Continue reading Post Mothers’ Day reflections . . .

Educational Politics

Education within a nation historically has had a political motive: It was aimed at strengthening one’s own group in comparison, often in competition, with other groups. The power elites, the dominant national culture, driven by tribalism and the impetus to remain superior, determined how the education curricula were constituted. The dominators also decided, often insidiously, what mental habits, e.g., character, the pupils were expected to acquire, especially as pertain to citizenship. This is socialization. (Tribalism was an urge our Founding Fathers assumed we could overcome; but we have not done so.) Continue reading Educational Politics

I May Not See You Tomorrow . . .

by Clifton B. Whitworth, Jr. Associated Editor, The Roanoke Tribune
(reprinted from the Thursday, April 20 1978 edition!)

TIME-The greatest thing on earth yet least appreciated, is perceived as the great enemy of a few but the staunch ally of most of us. It can be advantageously used, abused and/or especially mis-spent.

To each of us God has given 24 hours in each day and 60 minutes in each hour to use as our hearts amd minds dictate. In His great wisdom He has kept from us the time of our final exit so that we may extol “the glories of this day as we live, learn, love and serve. Continue reading I May Not See You Tomorrow . . .

Seeking peace in Korea: Hope or “Hooey”?

by Derek Duncan
Area Executive for East Asia and the Pacific of the United Church of Christ

North and South Korean leaders held an historic summit on April 27—the first in more than a decade. South Korean President Moon Jae-in said “We made a new beginning of peace for the Korean peninsula and the world.” North Korean leader Kim Jong-un proclaimed “We are at a starting line today where a new history of peace, prosperity, and inter-Korean relations is being written.” Continue reading Seeking peace in Korea: Hope or “Hooey”?

Trump’s damage to the judiciary

President Trump is making the federal judiciary more right-wing and less qualified. Trump may not be getting much legislation passed; however, he is adversely affecting the course of American history with his appointment of federal judges.

In addition to flagrantly blocking President Obama’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, the Republicans in the Senate blocked all of Obama’s nominees for federal judgeships in 2016. This action meant that in addition to the Supreme Court Justice, Trump could appoint up to 100 federal judges. Continue reading Trump’s damage to the judiciary