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Ego and the Example . . .

The entire world, it appears is continuously waiting and praying for Someone (or something) to “bring us Love and Peace” as its reality slips farther and farther from us each passing day despite the ever increasing scientific and technological advancement of man.

The primary missing link, however, appears to be that neither world (nor any other kind of) peace can come to us through others! It must come individually and collectively through both meanings of US! How many centuries ago did St. Francis of Assisi offer us the incomparable (formula) prayer: Continue reading Ego and the Example . . .

The intersection of HIV Stigma and Hope

by Amy Johnson,
UCC, Our Whole Lives Coordinator

Stigma kills.

Hidden in attitudes, in what’s not said aloud, in exclusion and revulsion, stigma thrives in silence. And it’s alive and way too well regarding HIV.

People who are living with HIV are keenly aware of the role stigma plays in their lives and in the spread of HIV. Too many people are still contracting HIV and living with it—largely because of stigma. Continue reading The intersection of HIV Stigma and Hope

Perfecting the Art of Communication . . .

Good communication is the pivotal point of world order. In nature the existence and quality of all forms of fish, fowl, insect and animal life is contingent upon such communication, co-mingling and cohabitation among the various species since time immemorial. Each also necessitates the art of communication at any danger signal or threat. Seldom if ever is there any likelihood of issuing false or deliberate deceptive warnings as theirs is natural, divine communication. Continue reading Perfecting the Art of Communication . . .

Tuvalu tells us, ignoring climate change won’t make the problem go away

by Derek Duncan,
Area Executive for East Asia and the Pacific

Ignoring climate change won’t make the problem go away. But a bunch of other things already are, and without significant efforts to combat climate change they will continue to disappear. Things like coral reefs and tidal swamps are deteriorating. Communities who live off the water or close to the land are being forced to migrate. Multiple species of flora and fauna are becoming extinct. And eventually major coastal cities and whole island nations will succumb to rising sea levels. Continue reading Tuvalu tells us, ignoring climate change won’t make the problem go away

Defining the Dumas Legacy

by Mary E. Campagna

In May of this year African American activist Martin Jeffery, a director of The Dumas Hotel Legacy, Inc., published an editorial in tracing one of the most painful parts of black history in Roanoke, VA: the days when city officials began to take full advantage of the broad reach of eminent domain that urban renewal fostered to transfer wealth and property (including many businesses) from black owners to the largely white power structure. Reimbursement figures have always been a joke; one can accurately say that the city took hundreds of acres of African American land for a steal. That pattern has continued to rear its ugly head over the years. Over $4-million in federal community block grant funds officially earmarked by the city for Gainsboro between 1968 and 1995 never went there. Continue reading Defining the Dumas Legacy

“America’s high destiny” revisited

It has been wisely stated, “The transformation of a whole nation ultimately depends on the initiative and change of character of the individuals who comprise it.”

In retrospect, what nation on earth harbors more racial, national, cultural and religious diversity than this comparatively new American nation–when compared with others hundreds (if not thousands) of years its superior in age. Continue reading “America’s high destiny” revisited