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Perfecting the Labor of Love . . .

enter site Webster defines the word labor as synonymous with hard work or, if and when done for pleasure and not for reward, even a labor of Love. Labor Day, a public holiday designed in honor of working people, in the U.S. and Canada on the first Monday in September, traditionally marked with family picnics and other outings, is becoming increasingly marred throughout the nation and the world with fires, floods and various forms of warring mentality headlining the news at home and abroad, including the closely associated “911” attacks. Continue reading Perfecting the Labor of Love . . .

Exploiting College Football Players College football is back in season, and everyone is happy, even the players. Somewhere along the way, however, these players will cease to be completely happy, even the few who make it to the NFL. Eventually, they will regret that at great risk of bodily harm they entertained fans and did not get paid for it, even though they were generating millions of dollars—and everyone was paid except them. Continue reading Exploiting College Football Players

Remembered Promises

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click On September 20, 2017 my stepfather was celebrating one of those big-deal birthdays that further cemented his ability to qualify as a classic. But I don’t remember his birthday. I also don’t remember much about my brother’s birthday the day prior. I wish that was the memory that I remember. Ojalai! Continue reading Remembered Promises

Viewing Truth–in Black & White. . . There are no race problems! Only people problems–begins an interesting article from The Voice of Unity published many years ago in The Roanoke Tribune that seems as timely today as ever-–if not more so. With the continuous reference to “race problems, the concept appears to get invariably stuck in Black and White in this American nation in particular, yet spreading undetected as such throughout the world. Could it be that our attention is still being sought through fires, floods, erupting volcanoes, etc. throughout this nation and the entire human world from personal relations status to international threats and insecurities? Continue reading Viewing Truth–in Black & White. . .

Cops’ Rights Versus Citizens’ Rights

pfizer viagra 50mg In Dallas last week a white police officer, Roy Oliver, was found guilty of murder for the April 2017 shooting death of a 15-year-old African American boy. This was a rare conviction for police officers killing innocent black men and youth.

Police fatally shoot an average of around 1000 people each year, and the criminal justice system holds that almost every single shooting is legal and justifiable. According to The Guardian, unarmed blacks were killed at five times the rate of unarmed whites in 2015. Police killed at least 102 unarmed black people in that year, and in only 10 of the 102 cases were officers charged with a crime, and in only two of the deaths were officers convicted. Continue reading Cops’ Rights Versus Citizens’ Rights

Time to assume the reins of the future by Angel L. Rivera Agosto Area Executive for Latin America and the Caribbean

“Elisha turned around, grabbed the yoke of oxen and offered them in sacrifice, took the tools to cook the meat and invited his people, then got up, went after Elijah and put himself at their service.” – 1 Kings 19:21 Continue reading Time to assume the reins of the future