PeaceKeepers founder makes local stop

NOI Captain Dennis Muhammad brings message of vigilance to the area

Vigilance (from left): PeaceMakers founder Shawn Hunter with Nation of Islam (NOI)
Captain Dennis Muhammad and local organization member Richard Chubb. – Photos by S. Hale

by Jazmine Otey

“It’s an old saying that goes like this ‘it’s not what someone calls you, it’s what you answer to,’ we have to begin to change our own reality,” states Dennis Muhammad, CEO and Founder of Peace Keepers Global Initiative, (PKI).

On Tuesday evening, July 11, an event was held at the headquarters of a PKI spinoff local organization known as PeaceMakers, headquatered on 24th St. & Melrose Ave. Shawn Hunter, an area community activist who heads the group, founded the local organization.  Continue reading PeaceKeepers founder makes local stop

Glitz and glamour nite at Harrison Museum

Upscale affair was an evening of art, cocktails and rooftop dancing under the stars!
Harrison Museum Board President Charles Price, (center) speaks with Hatty Hoyte – one of many attendees at “Putin on the Ritz” held Saturday, July 15 at the museum in downtown. City Attorney Dan Callaghan (far right) looks on. – Photos by F. Claytor

by Francois Claytor,
Curator and Publicity Director, HMAAC

Roanoke art lovers turned out for “Puttin” on the Ritz” in great numbers at Center in the Square on Saturday, July 15 for the opening of two new exhibits.

The “fashionistas” came “dressed to the nines” to welcome photojournalists, Robert Houston, from Baltimore, MD and Jonathan French of Washington, DC. Following the “Meet and Greet” the artists took queries from the audience with Houston explaining the influence of photography on the past and present as represented in his exhibit “Life in Resurrection City,” a documentary on the remarkable events of the past and present both visually and historically. Continue reading Glitz and glamour nite at Harrison Museum

Deltas Honor Sorority Sister at Annual Retreat

Rachel Wheaton and Monica Callaway.

The Roanoke Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. held its annual retreat at the Pilgrim Baptist Church Complex. This year’s theme was “Renew, Reclaim and Restore.” President Monica Callaway presented Sorority Sister Rachel Wheaton with a 50 Year Plaque and 50-Year Delta Pin from National Headquarters for years of dedicated service to the sorority. Continue reading Deltas Honor Sorority Sister at Annual Retreat

Roanoke College and private state institutions make appeal to high schoolers

Attention rising high school juniors and seniors! Roanoke College and other Virginia private colleges and universities want to make the process of choosing a college easier.

Between July 24-29, Roanoke and 23 other colleges are teaming up to promote campus visits for Virginia Private College week, an annual 6-day initiative sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia. Continue reading Roanoke College and private state institutions make appeal to high schoolers

RAYSAC Radar — Failing Safely: Helping teens succeed by letting them fail

It is natural for parents to want to shield their children from harm. Unfortunately, the drive to protect children and build up their self-esteem can sometimes lead to parents becoming overly involved in their child’s life, or “helicopter parenting.” According to Carolyn Daitch, Ph.D., director of the Center for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Michigan, “Helicopter Parents” tend to take too much responsibility for their child’s experiences and, specifically, their successes or failures. Continually being prevented from experiencing the pain that comes from struggling through mistakes and developmentally-appropriate situations places youth at risk of using drugs and alcohol due to: Continue reading RAYSAC Radar — Failing Safely: Helping teens succeed by letting them fail

Ego and the Example . . .

The entire world, it appears is continuously waiting and praying for Someone (or something) to “bring us Love and Peace” as its reality slips farther and farther from us each passing day despite the ever increasing scientific and technological advancement of man.

The primary missing link, however, appears to be that neither world (nor any other kind of) peace can come to us through others! It must come individually and collectively through both meanings of US! How many centuries ago did St. Francis of Assisi offer us the incomparable (formula) prayer: Continue reading Ego and the Example . . .