Local stars shine at Commonwealth Games

GOLD: Savion Webb, (Front) Mica and Major Jones. Photos by Verna Jones

by Jazmine Otey

“With track you can never be cocky, someone is always coming for you. It’s 80% mental, you have to train your mind to think ‘what do I gotta do to get to the next level, how do I get to my next best?’”

This message was fervently expressed by Virginia Raptors Track Coach David Cabbler who is incredibly enthused about his team’s success in the ESPN Commonwealth Games held at Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, FL July 7-15. Continue reading Local stars shine at Commonwealth Games

Renaissance Academy celebrates the scholars of tomorrow

ACADEMY: Young Daryl ‘Tony’ Taylor contemplates prior to getting his ceremonial blazer from academy founder Jerel Rhodes (right). Orgnization mentor Dietrich Bundick looks on.

by Jazmine Otey

Multicolored lights and lavish decorations adorned the ballroom at Holiday Inn on Hershberger Rd. as many gathered in fancy attire to witness the 5th annual Renaissance Academy (RA) ‘Donning of the Blazer,’ held Friday, August 11. This exquisite banquet was headed by organization founder and executive director, Jerel Rhodes with additional key speakers as Mayor Sherman Lea and Rev. Kathy O’Keeffe, etc. Continue reading Renaissance Academy celebrates the scholars of tomorrow

Local NAACP delegates attend National Convention

Attendees from left: Gloria Randolph-King, Leila Bryant, Kenai Hunt, Cevante Burwell, Phazhon Nash, Kai Washington-Brown, Sheila Herron

The 2017 Roanoke NAACP ACT-SO gold medal winners, chaperones, coaches and convention delegates traveled to Baltimore, MD for two exciting and inspirational experiences, July 20-23.

Although the three 2017 Olympians-Leila Bryant, Cevante Burwell and Kai Washington-Brown were not national winners, they produced excellent entries in the areas of vocal contemporary, drawing and modern dance respectively. Kenai Hunt, Youth Council Immediate Past President and Phazhon Nash, current president, attended as observers for future Olympic participation. The experience was awesome! Continue reading Local NAACP delegates attend National Convention

Deltas culminate EMBODI Summer Reading initiative

PARTICIPANTS with some of the recipients: (Back row) Gloria Manns, Phazhon Nash, Anita Price, Donna Lee, Sheriff Tim Allen and Jonathan Rosser.

The Roanoke Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. culminated its third annual summer reading program “Black Boys Read, Too” for African-American males in grades K-5. The program was held at the Little Champions Learning Academy on Thursday, August 3, with Phazhon Nash serving as Master of Ceremony. Fifteen participants were challenged to read 15 books within 30 days; during the month of July. Continue reading Deltas culminate EMBODI Summer Reading initiative

America’s biggest state . . .

America’s biggest state is now Alaska. The biggest state for Americans, however is the state of denial, a state we all live in varying only by degree and of what! Failure to make peace with alternating limitations is a common state of denial that can be good to a point but detrimental when graduating into a fault. Expanding existing limitations may require some degree of exceeding them, but too much, too soon can create irreparable damage. Continue reading America’s biggest state . . .

A radical engagement with Racism in contested spaces

by Velda R. Love,
Minister of Racial Justice

I reluctantly open news apps on my cell phone and laptop computer because I anticipate the headlines of the day will feature more verbal threats from the Attorney General, and some members of Congress who stand with the elected sitting president daily working to erode our civil and human rights. They wholeheartedly believe in white supremacy. I understand through my research, teaching, and immersion into history that an ideology of white supremacy is supported by beliefs that only white people deserve the benefits, rights, and privileges to the land and its resources. There is a strong resurgence of this ideology manifested through the rhetoric coming from the White House. Continue reading A radical engagement with Racism in contested spaces