Rev. Jessie Jackson visits the area

Legendary pastor and civil rights leader heads get out the vote mission
Rev. Jessie Jackson speaking at High Street Baptist Church. – Photos by S. Hale

by S. Hale

It was truly a red-letter day at High Street Baptist Church in northwest as a sizable crowd of civic-minded parishioners joined certain dignitaries to welcome Rev. Jessie Jackson to the area. The stop was one of several planned during Jackson’s “Healing and Rebuilding Tour” aimed at canvassing several central and western Virginia localities.

Although the tour’s express mission is to get out the vote, Jackson took the opportunity to address various topics critical to the unsettling unrest of our nation and the world. Continue reading Rev. Jessie Jackson visits the area

Hair specialist celebrates 20 years in the business

Cleveland of Diva’s House of Hair looks back on his life as one of the areas best stylists
Yodie “Cleveland” Swain

 by S. Hale

In the world of professional hair care there are beauticians, stylists, hairdressers etc. and then there is Yodie Swain.

Cleveland, as he is commonly referred to, is owner/operator of Diva’s House of Hair on Williamson Rd. in northwest, Roanoke.

Although presently celebrating 20 years in the business this past August, Cleveland has actually been in the industry for 23 years. The 44 year-old Roanoke native has been doing hair since he was a child and fondly remembers how he loved to brush his mother’s hair that “flowed down to the middle of her back.” Continue reading Hair specialist celebrates 20 years in the business

Life and Times on Henry Street, The Exhibit

Charlene Graves and David Ramey

by Charlene Graves

As of  Thursday, Sept. 21, at 11:00 am, an exhibit of 15 panels will be hung on Henry Street. The panels are 6’ by 8’ enlargements of some of David Ramey’s drawings used in his first book, “Life and Times on Henry Street,” printed in 2012. The panels cover the fence surrounding the construction site of the addition to the Claude Moore building, one of the only original buildings, remaining on the east side of Henry Street, the old Ebony Club. This new building will belong to the Virginia Western Community College as an extension to the already existing Culinary School. The exhibit is sponsored by the Roanoke Higher Education Center located in the old Norfolk and Western office building. Continue reading Life and Times on Henry Street, The Exhibit

Lucy Addison High Class of ‘67 celebrates Grand Class Reunion

Lucy Addison High School Class of 1967

The Lucy Addison High School Class of 1967 celebrated its 50th class reunion at the Holiday Inn Valley View during the August 11-13, weekend.

The itinerary for the weekend included a “Meet & Greet” on Friday, with DJs Catalina Ibarra-Williams and Eugene (Speedy) Stevens playing a variety of oldies, goodies and line-dance music as class members and guests danced the night away. Continue reading Lucy Addison High Class of ‘67 celebrates Grand Class Reunion

Spiritualizing our habits in a material world. . .

We are all creatures of habit–and mostly bad ones that prove detrimental to our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, subsequently to society in the aggregate. As infants and youth we form habits based upon observing those within our immediate environment–parents and other adult figureheads, siblings, playmates, etc. In today’s society ad to that TV, video, Facebook, etc. plus innumerable other fictitious and often infamous characters created to entertain us. Many over the age of 55 will readily compare the vast contrast in their upbringing with that of the youth of today. But most fail to take into account the vast contrast in the two societies. Continue reading Spiritualizing our habits in a material world. . .

Our Displaced Neighbors

by Peter Makari,
Team Leader and Area Executive for Middle East and Europe

It has been so sad to watch the destruction Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have wreaked on Houston, coastal Texas, the Gulf coast, and the islands of the Caribbean. They are tragedies of immense proportions which remind us of the devastation of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in New Orleans, the Gulf, and the Caribbean in 2005; and Sandy in New York and New Jersey in 2012. In each case, as the flood waters recede, the extent of the damage is revealed. Even before that, news commentators and politicians begin talking about recovery and reconstruction plans, and a timeline for people to return home. We pray for all those affected. Having relatives that were displaced by Katrina, but who were never able to move home again, I have a personal sense of the impact such disasters have on peoples’ lives for the long term—beyond the immediate event and evacuation. Continue reading Our Displaced Neighbors