Roanoke hosts Francis Family Reunion

Francis Family reunion attendees

Members of the Francis family held their reunion July 22-23 at the Sheraton Hotel off Hershberger Rd.

It was truly, as the reunion’s theme perfectly stated, “A Time to Remember”  for the participants who reveled at this momentous occasion.

From the oldest to the youngest the joy and camaraderie could be felt throughout the entire celebration of this family affair.

As proud descendants of Isaac Francis and Adaline Swanson of Pittsylvania County, VA (circa 1860) the many in attendance have since ventured out into the world in pursuit of a host of professions and their respective careers.

In addition to those from Roanoke, family members traveled from: Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, Atlanta and Maryland to gather for what was this family’s first reunion  in 30 years which was also held in Roanoke.

Former Roanoker and Addisonian Rebecca Francis, owner, R Francis Travel Pro, Washington, DC was accompanied by an Ethiopian family, she has unofficially adopted.

REUNION (from left): Rebecca Francis with her guest the Berhane family: little Yapsela and Ruth, with mother Nigis (Nikie) and daughter Megdelewit. – Photos by s. hale

The trip was quite an experience for the mother and her 3 children, who seemed to be amazed meeting and interacting with everyone at the affair.
The well-structured affair was coordinated by a family committee headed by Frances Harrell, a lawyer with the Department of Defense.

Such a delightful celebration brings to life the very essence of what events of this type are all about. The  interaction through healthy fellowship that essentially encourages and reinforces that for which there is no substitute–the procreation and togetherness of family.