Viewing tests from different perspectives. . .

Among Webster’s many definitions of the word tests we find, “critical observation, examination or evaluation; a process which will lead to proof or disproof, acceptance or rejection of any given thing or theory; or a means of measuring knowledge, intelligence, skill or any number of other things–including loyalty, as seems paramount among our current President and White House staff, so grossly affecting the nation as a whole.

Simply put, tests are the primary means by which fitness is measured. One cannot pass from one level or degree to another or determine its effects without tests. Therefore the need for tests becomes ever more eminent with time, especially in view of the decisions being made on every scale of our increasingly volatile society, affecting more and more people on local, national and international scale through ever advancing technology!

A primary point to consider also is the fact that how we face tests is primary in highly influencing the results. “If when we have tests we turn to our lower nature in response they will destroy us. If instead we turn to God and work through our higher nature, that test will become a source of spiritual strength, ”we are reminded in our spiritual writings.

It is a natural tendency to think that our problems are in (or caused by) others rather than by our own attitude toward the situation. Should we but consider how difficult (if not impossible) it is to change our own way of thinking and subsequent actions and reactions, imagine how slim the chances of changing those of others.

Considering that many of our severest tests come in the form of grief and sorrow, we are assured in the Baha’i Holy Writings: “Grief and sorrow do not come to us by chance, they are sent to us by the Divine Mercy for our own perfecting! While a man is happy he will forget his God! But when grief comes and sorrows overwhelm him, then will he remember his Father who is in Heaven and Who is able to deliver him from his humiliation,”

Blaming others for one’s own weaknesses and failures makes it increasingly easy to give in to selfish desires and retards spiritual development as we are not solely physical beings! Our triune (3-part) nature is physical, mental and spiritual! Under, or even over development of any one of the three without the others creates an unhealthy imbalance.

Therefore, putting tests into proper perspective is crucial to gaining spiritual altitude–the greatest venture that any soul can embark upon–-toward its inevitable journey Home! (Investigate! 1-800-22-UNITE)