Tribute to Barack Obama: New book showcases timeless achievements of “Number 44”

follow url Researched and written by Jonathan Chawora, ‘Tribute to Barack Obama’ seals in history, forever, the personal and political achievements of who many rightfully consider to be the best world leader of all time. From his work banning torture by American troops to his crushing of gender pay gaps, and all the way to his quiet, dignified conviction as a man – this new volume pays fitting homage to a leader who operated in a class of his own. Contact:Jonathan Chawora:

viagra post surgery United Kingdom – On July 20, 2017, United States President “Number 45” stood on the mezzanine of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and decreed a new start for the nation. It was a controversial event that, while bringing into power a man many feel was unfit for the job, ironically released from duty the greatest President in the history of the United States.

get link Barack Hussain Obama certainly left his mark not only on the U.S., but on the world. From his game-changing social policies to his fierce fight against unjust treatment of people in every corner of the globe, it’s safe to say there will never be another world leader like Obama.

see url In his new book, ‘Tribute to Barack Obama’, Jonathan Chawora showcases the achievements that changed the world forever.

click here Synopsis:
Jonathan J. Chawora, an African British resident, had never heard of Barack Obama until the junior senator from Illinois campaigned to be the Democratic presidential candidate. When Obama clinched the nomination, Chawora became intrigued, and when Obama delivered his victory speech the morning after the election, he could not hold back tears as he heard the U.S.’s first black president pronounce his famous slogan: “Yes we can!” His respect only grew after Obama banned the use of torture by American forces, sought to shut down Guantanamo Bay Prison, and pledged his commitment to fighting terrorism throughout the world. Through it all, Obama was calm under pressure and served as an example to future leaders. Even when he had to respond to Islamic State attacks, Brexit, the Ukrainian crisis, or the Syrian conflict, he kept his composure. Join the author and examine the lasting legacy of one of the greatest presidents the United States of America has ever had with this book.

source “Here is the story of a lawyer who rose to the Senate, to the Democratic election ticket and then into the Oval Office. What an unlikely story it was, from a man who defied convention for all the right reasons,” explains the author. “He instituted laws and cultures that will positively affect mankind for the rest of its existence, and this is my attempt not only to say thank you, but to ensure we preserve his many landmark achievements.”
Continuing, “He was a man of unshakable moral integrity, pragmatism, level-headedness yet all underpinned by a fierce authority and conviction to hold people accountable for their actions. I’m not going to get into the debate surrounding the current U.S. Administration, other than to say nobody will leave a legacy like Obama has.”

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‘Tribute to Barack Obama’ is available now: