The pendulum still swings . . . “Let a man leave anger, let him forsake pride, let him overcome all bondage! No sufferings befall the man who is not attached to name and form–and who calls nothing his own.” – Buddhist scriptures (Dhammapada 17:1) When we observe man’s incessant inhumanity to man, whether in small or voluminous numbers, we may casually attribute it to any number of reasons and it soon becomes forgotten–until the next unimaginable atrocity occurs. We hold “Unity marches and gatherings of various kinds without exploring the difference between unity and uniformity! But what is real unity?

source url In nature we find various collective expressions of unity but in humanity unity is often confused with uniformity. And no matter how enthusiastically embraced, is seldom long-lasting.

price of imported levitra In humankind a distinction exists between various groups according to lineage with each group forming a genetic racial unity separate from the others, neither superior nor inferior, only separate and potentially equal–when given equal opportunity, education and healthcare. There is unity of tongue among those who speak the same language but often much disunity among interpretation, motives and actions of these same people. There is also National unity among various peoples living under one form of government, and political unity that affects the civil and humanitarian rights and practices of individual factions within same governments. But all of these unities are superficial and without real, solid foundation. Through such limited and fragile unities come only limited results that often create greater disunity. The true unity that produces unlimited results, however, is first through diversity-–especially of mankind as one human race! But such an awakening, made more perceivable through modern science and technology, can only be achieved through heightened spirituality, as opposed to more religions that have been, and continue today to be the biggest dividers of mankind–within same nations and within same religions. Through increased spirituality, redirection of the energies and resources-– of today’s perpetual sophistication of science and technology–could derive worldwide motivation and determination to provide food, housing, education, as well as physical, mental and socialized healthcare for all who dwell on earth–as evidenced by the horrific mass atrocities being repeatedly exposed to us through man and nature in recent months and days in particular!

no prescription overseas pharmacy prednisone “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” we are reminded. A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted…;” and a time to reap the fruits of the seeds that have been sewn. May we then be more cognizant of the seeds we sow as individuals, parents, teachers, men and nations, as custodians of others, young and old–including our Native Americans on whose land we continue to build and the descendants of slaves brought over to manually work it. How long will we continue to sow the wild oats of hatred, superiority and inferiority, based simply upon one’s color of skin, origin of birth or one’s physical address or financial status? Such divisive tactics stem from the perceived concept of achieving comfort and control by a chosen few over the masses. It appears that the signs of convulsion and chaos are continuously being more clearly discerned inasmuch as “the old world order has been proven lamentably defective.” If as individuals and a nation we continue to sow seeds of hatred, racism, war and destruction at home and abroad (under whatever deceptive guise) the harvest we continue to plant for our posterity is unimaginable! “O ye children of men!” state the Baha’i Scriptures for this new Day of God! “The fundamental purpose animating the Faith of God and His religion is to safeguard the interests and promote the unity of the entire human race and to foster the spirit of love and fellowship among all mankind! Whatsoever is raised on this foundation, the changes and chances of the world can never impair its strength, nor will the revolution of countless centuries undermine its structure.”

clomid drug insert for crestor In this unparalleled day of highly sophisticated weaponry and deadly poisons that defy all imagination, the call becomes uncommonly clear for more consultation and NO confrontation! For war begets war – and peace begets PEACE – if we but give it a chance!