Giving Back Society Makes 2017 Award Presentations

Presentation at Ronald McDonald House (RMH) with the $6,000 check from the Giving Back Society: (L to R) Carol Schroeder, Marzetta Sinkler, Lucille Deustch, Charlotte McBride, Gail Brumberg , Shannon Boothe and Donna Kester (RMH); Linda Andrews(GBS), Anna Semonco and Robert Brailsford (RMH), Carolyn Kazner and Louise Myers(GBS), Donna Hartsel (RMH-located behind Ms. Powell), Douglas Powell and Shelley McCallum(GBS), Amy Duncan (RMH), Evie Brandon and Lisa Camp(GBS).

The Giving Back Society (GBS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization, made its annual award presentations on-site at Straight Street and Ronald McDonald House on Oct. 19. Each year, the GBS seeks organizations whose goals align with their mission, and the GBS recognizes these organizations through the presentation of financial awards to assist them in their support endeavors. For 2017, the GBS selected Straight Street and Ronald McDonald House.

Straight Street offers such services as family enrichment programs and retreats to help parents and their children heal broken or stressed relationships. They also offer job mentoring and tutoring and other services to assist at-risk youth.

Members of the Giving Back Society and Straight Street display the $9,272 presentation check from the Giving Back Society. Pictured (L to R): Douglas Powell, Gail Brumberg, Marzetta Sinkler, Louise Myers, Carol Schroeder, Shelley McCallum, Carolyn Kazner, Lisa Camp, Keith Farmer (Straight Street), Linda Andrews, Lucille Deustch, Evie Brandon and Charlotte McBride all (GBS).

Ronald McDonald House most notably provides food and accommodations to families with hospitalized children; thereby allowing the families to focus on the health of their children and not be worried about where they will stay at night or where their next meal will be.

In recognition of these organizations, the GBS awarded $9,272 to Straight Street and $6,000 to Ronald McDonald House. For more details and pictures of all the ceremonies, please access the Giving Back Society web site at

The mission of the GBS is to provide a wide variety of informational, social and supportive services for underserved and underprivileged children, youth and adults.