The cup and its contents . . . It’s easy to determine dry and liquid measures by specific applicable scales. But for determining emotional and spiritual measurements there are yet no such precision instruments known to man. So let’s just attempt to use the figurative standard cup as an instrument of measurement. Some people may have spoon size capacity, some pint size and there are others who may even have gallon capacity. But regardless of size, when that capacity is exceeded, it will overflow–with whatever the content. In such case, whatever overflows will inevitably saturate its immediate environment. Such is the case as the individual emotional “cups of today” overflow with the various poisonous contaminants of fear, insecurity, distrust and any number of other unwholesome substances that, like any other overflow, is trickling down throughout personal, corporate and other close-knit associates and situations. It should then be coming imperative that such is the scenario being experienced in the strategic cups of today’s uncertain personal, corporate, national and especially international climate. Consider also that a cup half filled with purest water and half filled with contaminated water is still unfit for human consumption.

cialis generico o originale Individually our cups are easily filled with a multitude of foreign, unhealthy substances that impair and impede physical, mental and spiritual health and thus progress of any kind. Yet there are many that still flow with love, appreciation, respect and a sincere quest for knowledge and truth. Our immediate surroundings generally reflect the contents of our cup or an indicator of our lack of influence upon it. Many cups of today are filled with a conglomerate of negative ingredients that have congealed into mass confusion and aimlessness. For such unfortunate souls the primary aim is escape by various means, no matter how temporary, often to find their efforts to escape only compounded the problems.

go here If we but believe in the promise offered in The Lord’s Prayer: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” We must each strive to empty our cup of all that is counter to such harmonious existence while carefully and prayerfully replacing it with those ingredients that compliment the individual, the family, race, community, nation, mankind and ultimately the entire universe! We must join whatever forces best counteract the poisonous overflows of prejudice, hate and greed saturating mankind. We are reminded by Baha’u’llah, Prophet Founder of the Baha’i Faith in this New Era, “In the world of existence there is no greater force than the magnet of LOVE! – Pure, untarnished love that melts opposition, sweeps away all barriers and abounds in selflessness and charity.

follow site Envision, then what a wonderful world this would be if each “cup runneth over with LOVE.” (Investigate – 1-800-22-UNITE!