To fear or not to fear–this is the question…

acquistare viagra generico a Napoli February has become widely acclaimed as Black History Month. However, for those of us who chronicle Black History (at least 52 weeks a year) it affords the opportunity to reach ever increasing audiences with information on otherwise little known contributions of African-Americans throughout time to the arts, sciences, technology, industry, agriculture, the military and to every area of development of this comparatively youthful nation.

siti sicuri per comprare viagra generico 25 mg pagamento online a Milano Significant only to me, February became representative of the birth (and death) month of my mother and her oldest sister as well as my husband’s rebirth into the next world. It is also the month in which we have our harshest winter weather as “Ol’Man Winter” fights his last and fiercest battle with Spring.

follow url I therefore, for many years, dreaded the month of February with the sole attitude of psychological survival before realizing that I was actually feeding the fear that is its own primary intimidator and subsequent crippler of the weak and physical or spiritual infant.

vardenafil 20 mg cin vendita The physical (or spiritual) child can be easily controlled by fear–of the dark, of pain, abandonment, of being unloved or unwanted or any number of other fear tactics. The behavioral patterns and motivation (or lack of) of such child will most likely remain controlled by such fear until reaching a stage of spiritual maturity that more forcefully and lovingly controls its environment. Control by fear works only in the presence of that thing feared. Therefore, when one teaches (or learns) to fear God, Whose Presence we are never out of, that in it-self should have its own reward! The word “fear,” according to Webster also means respect of, although one does not automatically incorporate the other. We definitely have respect for the things we fear, but it’s a different kind of respect. One would respect a bully or other perceived unequal challenge, yet a cat will sacrifice its life to protect its kittens. Likewise the love of any mother for her infants usually supersedes any other danger. We cannot blame today’s youth when falling prey to modern society’s incessant entrapments if we have not instilled and installed in them the inner controls of love. The time and energy required in organizing marches of demonstration through city streets can today be better spent organizing soldiers of the armies of ONE God (by whatever name) whose combined actions shine as beacons in the encircling gloom (of which everyone complains).

go to link In the Revelation of Baha’u’llah (the Baha’i Faith) the Holy Writings of and for this new era are shared (with no paid ministry, interpretation forbidden; and no acceptance of funds from non-Baha’is! We are instead admonished to:”…be a light, not a judge; a model, not a critic…” through continuous de-egotizing prayers and Holy Writings.

vardenafil senza ricetta Torino If we are sincere about our commitment to a society of justice and peace, we must sacrifice the pomp and circumstance and shed the apathy and lethargy paralyzing the spiritual faculties necessary for such personal and subsequent world transformation! (Investigate! – 22-UNITE)