Success Strategies for African-American Families

real photos of canadian levitra effects Hackley and Associates will present Success Strategies for African-American Families from 10am-12 noon on Saturday, March 17, at the Little Champions Learning Academy Hackley Education and Learning Center, 1224 Peters Creek Rd., NW. This interactive workshop will highlight the five most important ways to improve success outcomes for African-American families and children. If you want to learn how to counteract the negative forces that are destroying our children-then this workshop is for you!

click Our workshop leader, Dr. Lloyd Hackley, has dedicated his life to improving life-chances for African-American children.

follow The misery of our poor has been caused and perpetuated by our institutions and our laws, not by the laws of nature. The ultimate test of the sanity, common sense, competence, morality, justice, humanity, and Godliness of every nation, and, therefore, of each state and each community in every nation, is the condition of all of its children, without regard to their at-birth conditions. If one can reliably predict from children’s at-birth circumstances, for long periods of time, disproportionately negative life outcomes, then the nation, the state and community where the children live are immoral by definition. Workshop attendance is by invitation only! To register, email Dina Hackley-Hunt at Hackley and Associates has presented more than 7,000 seminars, workshops and lectures in ethics, character, leadership, and community development.  Although we work with businesses, universities, governmental agencies and public service establishments, our primary target groups are those entities that work directly with children: parents, teachers, administrators, churches, colleges, child service entities and other organizations. Our principal mission is to assist community elements in their efforts to improve academic and behavioral outcomes for poor and minority children, especially African American Youth.