Negating Societal Tunnel-vision . . .

During the month of February, being increasingly recognized and celebrated as Black History Month, I was privileged this year to witness more than one observance, two of which were similar–in their portrayal of famous Black historical figures, laced with beautiful interpretive dancing and the songs and saga of early slaves–the proverbial same side of the coin.

During this past summer I was emotionally charged by the film, “Rosenwald,” the remarkable story of one uneducated Jewish man’s indomitable determination and efforts to provide schools for the education of Black children during the early turn of the century–depicting a different side of the Black American struggle! We did not lift ourselves by our own boot-straps! Neither should we continue to concentrate more on whatever is perceived being) done to us, more than on the far more things that have been done for and with us!

The true story so paralleled my personal life of early educated Black teachers, including my mother and two of her four sisters, that I cried throughout most of the movie that actually included mention of early family members and associates.

I’m certain that it will not affect others to such extent. Nevertheless, I have chosen to share this “different side of the (racial) coin” movie at our upcoming “Dinner & a Movie” that I firmly believe should take precedence over the increasingly negative movements and news releases that take priority in today’s news–locally, nationally and throughout the world!

Observe how one negative, multiple-murder situation after another anywhere in the nation or abroad, triggers copy-cat reaction! Let’s not allow ourselves to be captive to such morbid and depressing tactics through societal tunnel-vision! Follow the Light! Support the Light and those who attempt to bring it through whatever medium, flooding out the negative tunnel-vision that is capable of contaminating the entire earth!

Among the passages in the Baha’i Holy Writings we find: “As the black pupil gives sight to the eye, so shall the Black people bring religious sight to the world!”

Also, “So powerful is The Light of UNITY that it can illuminate the whole world!”…while the choice is still ours!