Meaninglessness among us . . .

click here At the present juncture in the history of man can be found a pervasive meaninglessness and/or uncertainty reflected in the people around us. But meaninglessness is a characteristic hallmark, perhaps the dominant symptom, of a collapsing world order!

click here Without meaning, one’s life lacks motivation and becomes apathetic, a condition close to spiritual or psychological death. Although breathing one feels no vitality. Lacking motivation and vitality one has no true sense of direction, no feeling of destiny, no sense of future. Such a condition cannot be tolerated indefinitely. In the absence of spiritual motivation, physical desires stand ready to fill the void. To abandon one’s self to physical desires and let them become the behavioral determinants, you might as well be an animal. To become an animal is to become socially irresponsible, to become unfit as a friend, spouse, parent or citizen and in essence to sow the seeds of destruction. Greed and violence ultimately become the characteristics of man’s behavior when physical desires are the primary motivating sources.

go Just as meaninglessness is the hallmark of the collapse of the old world order, it is also the chief symptom of mental illness in individuals. Not only is the old world order being rolled up, each personality that is too tightly bound to that order is being rolled up too. In other words, anybody who is attached and clings to the old order will collapse along with it. This explains the alarming rates of mental breakdowns. It is almost impossible for anyone who grows up in the Western world to be detached from the old order. Therefore, as it crumbles we are all likely to feel that we are crumbling a little also. That is why so much emphasis is being placed on detachment!

source url If we are detached we will not be so likely to collapse when experiencing the old world collapsing about us, whether personally or on national or international scale! For the world and its glory and whatever vanities it may offer are all, in the sight of God, as worthless. Consider the earth beneath our feet, viewed as the lowest form of matter. Yet everything upon it is dependent upon it. When man does not open his mind and heart to the blessings of the Spirit he is in a sorry plight! With all of his aspirations and desires being strengthened by his lower nature he becomes more and more brutal until his whole being is in no way superior to that of the beasts that perish. Like the animal they have no thought beyond their own physical wellbeing. But soon will the present day Order be rolled up and a new one rolled out in its stead.

viagra in us As new demands require new supplies, may we combine more efforts on mutual playing fields that every child (without exception) from earlier years, according to preference and capacity, may be guided through development to fullest capacity in wisdom, spiritual perception and eloquent speech!