City Council launching new initiative to reduce gun violence

cheap viagra from canada by City Vice Mayor Joe Cobb

find discount viagra How can we, as a city, reduce gun violence and strengthen the health and safety of our community?

go During the February 19, 2:00 p.m. session of Roanoke City Council briefing on public safety, Police Chief Tim Jones reported that forty-eight incidents of gun violence occurred in the city over the past 13 months. Following the meeting, Vice Mayor Joe Cobb met with Mayor Sherman Lea and City Manager Bob Cowell to consider ways in which Council could reach out to local citizens and organizations to form a community-based effort to reduce gun violence.

purchase cialis soft without prescription The result is Council’s effort to create a citizen-based, grass roots effort to identify, in partnership with public safety officials and the city government, ways in which we are currently addressing reduction in gun violence and identifying gaps. From prevention and addressing root causes, to awareness and education, to offering support for victims, families and neighborhoods affected by gun violence, the city is hoping to create tangible short and long-term efforts to reduce these acts of violence and strengthen the health and safety of our city. If interested in participating in this initiative please contact Vice Mayor Joe Cobb at 540-580-9645 or