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Anniversary reflections of “A Family Affair”. . . I love the historic era through which God chose for my pilgrimage through this planet Earth, cradled between its scientific, social and technological infancy and current stage of maturation, still pivoting around threats and subsequent upgrading based primarily on war (labeled “defense”) as its primary propelling economic base. Continue reading Anniversary reflections of “A Family Affair”. . .

Talking about Medical Care I am a lifelong advocate of a national health plan that would provide universal health care, something that all other industrialized countries have. Americans did not seem to want it. Among the many pushbacks I would receive through the years is, “The [inept] United States government cannot handle anything as large as a national health plan.” This was something that Americans “knew,” because unbelievably Richard Nixon succeeded in getting that outrageous drumbeat widely accepted during the time the United States was audaciously putting a man on the moon. Continue reading Talking about Medical Care

Apple Ridge Farm unveils next phase of Carver Garden

VA Delegate Sam Rasoul surveys green project

watch Apple Ridge Farm partnered with Northwest Neighborhood Environmental Organization (NNEO) in 2017, to advise and assist in expanding the community garden project known as George Washington Carver Garden. The Garden, located at 525 Loudon Ave. NW serves as a way to build community through growing and increasing access to healthy local produce, an educational site, as well as production for the WELL farm stand. The WELL (working, Eating, Living and Learning) is operated by Apple Ridge Farm’s Aspire students and supported by Focused Radio. In it’s initial phase, Apple Ridge Farm staff and community members built community beds and raised beds. Continue reading Apple Ridge Farm unveils next phase of Carver Garden

Cooke named manager at VWCC Career Center

Shonny Cooke At the start of the Spring 2019 semester, the Hall Associates Career Center at Virginia Western Community College welcomed a new manager. Although Shonny Cooke’s title is new, she is already well-acquainted with the Career Center. She first joined Virginia Western in 2012, where she managed internship programs and acted as an employment relations specialist. In 2015, Cooke left to pursue another opportunity, but it wasn’t long before she was back on campus. Continue reading Cooke named manager at VWCC Career Center