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Entering the Season of Gentleness & Love

We are now entering the longest continuous season of the year promoting gentleness, love and humility. Regardless of one’s religious persuasion (or lack of it) the effect of the Thanksgiving and closely following Christmas seasons have their synonymous sobering effect upon an otherwise “Survival of the fittest” society. How unfortunate for such short duration, especially from the masculine point of view. Continue reading Entering the Season of Gentleness & Love

We need a Caravan of compassion

Tracy Howe Whispelwey
Minister of Congregational and Community Engagement

I am deeply troubled by the continued escalation and racist rhetoric against Central American migrants and others heading towards our border. The unbridled dehumanizing, demonizing, and racist assertions by our current president are now institutionally supported with expanded Border Patrol and Immigration Customs Enforcement law enforcement branches. These groups, along with the administration, have yet to be held accountable for the human rights abuses they enacted by separating children from parents, detaining asylum seekers in what amounts to prisons and concentration camps, and sending children to be adopted while parents are deported (amounting to human trafficking). Now, in a grand show of escalation and with no regard for the violence and abuses that continue, the US military deployed to the border because of the coming migrant caravan. My soul is deeply troubled within me. Continue reading We need a Caravan of compassion

“The Voice of Unity” revisited

Television changed life as we knew it. With its onset everyone throughout the entire world can now enjoy “the good life” and bring any preferred type of lifestyle into one’s private or public domain. “The world is on the march for unity,” the article declared. “It is a march that can never be long repelled, only understood. Christianity was essentially a unity movement but it lost its way in the development of churchianity. Continue reading “The Voice of Unity” revisited