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Conjugating the tenses of life . . .

I have always been proud of my accumulation of years as they come and go and before another issue is published I will have reached another milestone–the big 9-0! The farthest any one of my immediate maternal family has ever gone.

As the years accumulated, however, my sister–who was older than I, always bitterly resented my boasting of my age as she was older and always preferred more age anonymity. Another reason now is, I don’t have to tell people, they can see!” Continue reading Conjugating the tenses of life . . .

The All-engulfing Light of Unity . . .

The entire Roanoke Valley was engulfed in the Light of Unity as area Baha’is united in celebration of the Bicentenary (200th) anniversary of the Birth of Baha’u’llah, Prophet Founder of the Baha’i Faith. He was born into royalty in 1817 in Iran (Persia) but gave up wealth and possessions to bring God’s Message for today to the world-–through unimaginable persecution and hardship. Continue reading The All-engulfing Light of Unity . . .

Deep into the Eye of the Hurricane in the Caribbean

by Angel L. Rivera-Agosto
Latin America and the Caribbean Area Executive, Global Ministries

In the Caribbean people look up and see God in the winds. They sense God’s overwhelming presence in the nature that shelters them, and in its contours and limitations, becomes a dominant force that creates, destroys, and transforms. As human beings, we confess our limitations by understanding God´s mysterious work and recognizing that God’s wonders are incomprehensible to our humanly limited gaze. It is within this powerful dialectic of destruction/creation/transformation that the notion of mission in the Caribbean can be understood and our process for accompanying our partners and their countries into a path of justice and fullness of life can be undertaken. Continue reading Deep into the Eye of the Hurricane in the Caribbean

Finding Happiness & Gratitude

by Pearl Fu

My busy, busy schedule just made the “time fly by like a swift arrow” (old Chinese saying).

Tis only a few weeks before Thanksgiving, which is not just a day for feasting and fun. We need to take time-off from our fast-paced lives to remember all the blessings we have received and to thank and feel grateful for them. We need to do our best to help others, and pay back our community with some caring and loving deeds. Continue reading Finding Happiness & Gratitude