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New prescriptions needed for new world remedies

Some of my very long time readers and subscribers may remember a series of editorials in the early days of my editing of The Roanoke Tribune during the late 70’s and early 80’s on Henry Street, devoted to addressing pertinent issues through a particular series, one alphabet at a time. I am reminded of it as this week I explore three crucial C’s in stabilizing a run-away society that would have been unimaginable even then.  Continue reading New prescriptions needed for new world remedies

Divinity and diversity

by Brentley deBardelaben, Minister for Communication 

Every year before taking vows to become followers of Christ, I take my church’s young people to a mosque in Central Ohio. By simply crossing the threshold, we are breaking down misunderstanding. Last year, one of the young people asked, “Why do people hate Muslims? Everyone here welcomes us with a smile and God’s love.” I answered, “Then tell those who hate what your experience has been. Do not be afraid to share good news about your welcome here.” Since then, these young people – the next generation’s leaders, perhaps – have developed growing friendships in the Muslim community. Continue reading Divinity and diversity