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Choose to accept challenge–and change

One of the benefits of growing old is being able to look back and compare differences (as most tend to do), some good, some not so good with many others becoming utterly ridiculous and totally out of control.

Consider on this earthly plane, purported to be millions of years old, how the most phenomenal explosion of knowledge and advancement in science and technology have all occurred within less than the past 200 years (1844–the Baha’i Era) going from covered wagons to interplanetary travel and from guided missiles and drones to “misguided men,” as penned by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Continue reading Choose to accept challenge–and change

Martin Luther King, Jr: Dream distorted – generations lost

Culture, like God and Love, is among the most active of verbs, not a noun.  For subordinated, abused sub-populations within a nation, i.e., America’s slave class, among its other functions, Culture establishes Values, Aspirational Vision and Behavioral Expectations so that the entire group is more likely to survive, thrive, achieve freedom, define themselves in the national environment,  and more likely to pass success tenets on to ensuing generations. Continue reading Martin Luther King, Jr: Dream distorted – generations lost

A grave called Garissa

by Derek Duncan, Program Associate for Global Advocacy and Education

The prayers of the world joined with Kenya this Easter as that country began an official period of mourning for the 148 students and security personnel killed in the northeast town of Garissa on April 2. The attack on Garissa University’s campus was carried out by al-Shabaab militants, who explained they targeted non-Muslims in the attack in revenge for Kenya’s killing of Muslims in neighboring Somalia, where, since 2011, Kenya has been helping African Union forces wage war against the group. Continue reading A grave called Garissa