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Guns & Hoses MDA Benefit Game

Everyone mark your calendars for the Saturday, June 6 Annual Guns & Hoses Softball Game to benefit the MDA! Let’s pack Salem Memorial Baseball Stadium like we do for Guns & Hoses Hockey! If interested in catching up with the team, contact Firefighter Dave Burnette at 420-1550.  The team will be playing this weekend at the Botetourt Sports Complex.

The foundation of spiritual education

Periodically over the past 44 years of my editing of The Roanoke Tribune, I have done a series of alphabetical editorials. I’m reminded of such as I continue to wrestle with three “life-altering H’s” at different stages of my longevity during the most historic and strategic of times- in this comparatively new nation in particular. The three, Hurt, Hate and Healing, occur apparently in that order and remain primarily oblivious until permanent damage has been done. Continue reading The foundation of spiritual education

Not patiently waiting

Witness.Justice.Jaramillo.webIn the midst of an exciting renaissance of downtown revitalization and economic development, the last few months have been challenging ones in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland is one among many cities in this nation who have been struck by tragic situations involving police shootings of unarmed persons, many of whom are African American. Many of whom are young people with their whole lives before them. Continue reading Not patiently waiting