Viewing tests from different perspectives. . .

Among Webster’s many definitions of the word tests we find, “critical observation, examination or evaluation; a process which will lead to proof or disproof, acceptance or rejection of any given thing or theory; or a means of measuring knowledge, intelligence, skill or any number of other things–including loyalty, as seems paramount among our current President and White House staff, so grossly affecting the nation as a whole. Continue reading Viewing tests from different perspectives. . .

Three Great Loves

by John C. Dorhauer,
General Minister and President

With its new Mission Statement, the United Church of Christ is committed to exploring what it takes to build a just world for all by simply loving God and loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.

To help the entire denomination not just speak those good words but live them out in tangible, meaningful ways we have also committed to participating in the Three Great Loves mission initiative. Continue reading Three Great Loves