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Julian Bond: Champion of intergenerational justice for all

by Jim Antal

Today I join the millions who remember and mourn the death of civil rights champion Julian Bond. His leadership as a founding member of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and then as a core advisor to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is what most will recall and celebrate. But his courage and vision drove him to oppose the Vietnam War long before the anti-war movement gained traction, and to advocate early and passionately for the rights of LGBTQ persons. Continue reading Julian Bond: Champion of intergenerational justice for all

“My performing arts mishaps”

by Pearl Fu, Roanoke’s Muticultural Ambassador

Every day when you open the pages of the newspaper or magazine, turn on the radio or the TV, it never fails that the headlines blasting back at you are about: international terrorists, assassinations, bombings, murders, natural disasters, kidnapping, depressing reports on terminal illnesses, etc. This is not only the symptoms of my Parkinson’s disease. It really makes us become numb, expressionless and depressed – tendency to dig a hole, and withdraw. Continue reading “My performing arts mishaps”

Identity Crisis

by Kamila Love

What is the idea of being Black? One of the funniest things I’ve heard is if a young Black man doesn’t wear the average Hip Hop fashion or any Hip Hop fashion it’s called “The White Boy Swag.” “Gurl, look at him! He got that White boy swag!”
What were we doing before Hip Hop became the phenomenon it is now?
Did all the men have “White Boy Swag”? Continue reading Identity Crisis

Perfecting the divine art of consultation

With the ever increasing sophistication of social media and its many dimensions and affiliates, how foreign must be the concept of consultation at a period of time when personal conversation is becoming non-existent, starting within homes where each occupant communicates through individual types of mobile phones from earliest childhood. Through such societal advancement(?) the art of mere conversation has become extinct with family members constantly scurrying in all directions, gathering at dining tables, the former single opportunity for family conversation, only on holidays or other special occasions. Continue reading Perfecting the divine art of consultation

Broken bootstraps

Witness.Justice.Jaramillo.web“Making it big” in this country means being worth a lot of money.  It is not easy to get rich (in money) if you do not have wealthy parents or grandparents.  It is doubtful that someone who was born and grew up in poverty can become wealthy.  The assumption that a person “came from poverty, but worked hard and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and made it big” is an unlikely reality in our current economic system.  The problem is our capitalistic culture regularly measures our importance and success by how much money we make rather than the moral and ethical values by which we live our lives. Continue reading Broken bootstraps

GPS directions to peaceful cohabitation

In view of the increasing proliferation of gun related homicides, multiple murders, etc., there always enters the demand for more gun control and I’m sure that may make some difference. However I am more in tune with the old adage, “Guns don’t kill, people do!” As long as you can “keep hate alive” among the masses (by whatever means), there will always be found ever increasing and more sophisticated methods of expressing it-–by men and nations. Continue reading GPS directions to peaceful cohabitation