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Stay Home, Stay Engaged

by Michael Schuenemeyer
Team Leader, Health and Wholeness Advocacy Ministries for the United Church of Christ

I was last in my office on March 13th, not only because the United Church of Christ national office building is closed and all staff are working from home, but also (and more importantly) because I developed a dry cough. Consequently, I began self-isolating, assuming I may have COVID-19. I can’t know this for sure at this point, because testing has lagged so far behind in the U.S. that available tests must be prioritized for those with more serious symptoms. Continue reading Stay Home, Stay Engaged

Providing help and hope to our children in this time of great crisis

As COVID-19 spreads across our nation more communities and families need help and hope every day. Today Congress passed a $2 trillion relief package that was a critical step toward easing some the burdens of this crisis for millions of children and families. Among its provisions, it will provide low- and middle-income earners one time cash payments of $1,200 per adult and $500 per child; more support for low-income renters, protections against foreclosures and evictions, grants for homelessness assistance, and temporary shelter and services for homeless youths; food assistance as more families qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); child care assistance for essential personnel responding to the outbreak and some help to other child care providers; support for local school systems and higher education institutions so they can continue to provide high-quality education; more services to prevent child maltreatment and help victims of family violence; and more unemployment insurance benefits. Continue reading Providing help and hope to our children in this time of great crisis

Local NAACP Youth Honored Leaders

The Roanoke NAACP Youth Council presented its seventh annual Black History program on Sunday, March 1, in the William Fleming High School auditorium.

The “Impactors of Excellence Awards” program recognized and honored the following: Patrick Curtis, Sr., Garland Gravely, Eboni Harrington, Donna Welcher Lee, Rev. Anthony L. Holmes, Sr., QuoVadis Washington-Brown, Lorena Taylor, Rollins Wilson, and Richard Wilson for their untiring service to the community and the impact each has made on the lives of the youth members and in the community. Continue reading Local NAACP Youth Honored Leaders