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White Supremacy and Violence Violence is as American as apple pie,” Rap Brown famously said. As is often the case, Rap’s pronouncement did not get serious consideration in mainstream America. Nevertheless, many observers may be getting close to realizing Rap’s declaration in its full context.

watch Rap was not limiting his comments to mean mere random acts of violence between citizens, which has always been a problem. Instead, he was addressing how force is used and what purpose it serves. Continue reading White Supremacy and Violence

Love is Justice Embodied by Sarah Lund, Minister for Disabilities and Mental Health Justice According to Omid Safi, “love is justice embodied.” When following Jesus’ teachings to love our neighbors, how do we embody this love? How does the love of God show up in our embodied selves? What if we were to measure our love for neighbor by how their bodies are doing? For example, does our neighbor’s body have the nutrients needed for physical and mental well-being? Is there clean water to drink, fresh fruits to enjoy, and enough to nourish the growing children in the house? Continue reading Love is Justice Embodied

Do the right thing . . .

viagra generico 50 mg miglior prezzo pagamento online a Parma Life is a series of lessons–whether learned or unlearned, you grow up to the realities of life. To simply get maximum attention all that is required is to do the wrong thing as “A lifetime of altruism seldom survives you –except at your funeral,”its been said.

“There is no excuse for bad manners” is an expression that I heard from my mother from childhood. Also, “If you want to be treated like a lady, you’re going to have to act like one.” Continue reading Do the right thing . . .

Exploitation in College Football

It is football time again, the favorite time of the year for many people. As you watch players on the college football fields this fall, please remember that these gladiators are being exploited. They generate billions of dollars for colleges and the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), and everyone involved is paid except them.

Yes, billions of dollars. Sports economist, Andrew Zimbalist, estimates college sports to be an $8 billion industry. Each of some 27 universities make at least $100 a year in college sports, mostly from football. And everyone involved is paid, except the individuals whose activities generate this revenue. Continue reading Exploitation in College Football

Finding Freedom among wild things by Madison Mayhew, MSW Justice and Peace Policy Fellow, United Church of Christ

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of traveling with UCC National staff colleagues to the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, North Carolina. Together, we hosted the UCC hospitality tent and met many incredible human beings who had traveled near and far to attend this eccentric gathering at the intersection of faith, art and social justice. Continue reading Finding Freedom among wild things