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Approaching Harvest season . . . “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven,” begins the third chapter of Ecclesiastes. Two distinctive seasons in the cycles of time are marked by the vernal and autumnal equinox which signalize equal lengths of day and night as the sun crosses the equator, at which point the cycles shift.

see The vernal equinox, that begins each March 21, signalizes Spring, the warming of the earth following a long, cold winter–from which we have ironically been recently spared in our particular area–and the rejuvenation of plant life with all of its beauty! Continue reading Approaching Harvest season . . .

Presidents Don’t Debate I did not watch either of the four debates between the multitude of candidates for the Democratic nomination for President. That is probably a strange activity for a person who follows politics and policy issues fairly closely.

watch I have a problem with these debates—aside from the fact they were occurring a year and a half before the election. Our process is so long—over a month between the first and second sets of Democratic debates. By way of comparison, it took only two months for Britain to “elect” and install Boris Johnson as Prime Minister after Theresa May announced she was stepping down. Continue reading Presidents Don’t Debate

Shall We Gather at The Table? by Traci Blackmon, Associate General Minister One of the things I love most about the United Church of Christ is the professed wideness of our table. “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here” is both an inspirational and aspirational profession that I’ve reflected upon often since we gathered in Milwaukee this summer. Continue reading Shall We Gather at The Table?

Richard Nixon’s other Legacy

viagra generico 50 mg miglior prezzo pagamento online a Parma There are several ways that Richard Nixon left negative imprints on American life and culture. One, of course, is “Watergate,” the term that is now a reference for misdeeds in the highest office—something that President Trump is repeating and exceeding. Another is the Southern strategy, Nixon’s appeal to white voters in the South by playing to racism against African Americans. Continue reading Richard Nixon’s other Legacy

Safe for Whom?

The White House’s recent declaration to deny asylum to those who travel through another country before arriving to the U.S. blocks the possibilities and dreams of safety for any immigrant crossing Mexico (and potentially Guatemala). In order to enforce this declaration, the U.S. would need to have “Safe Third Country” agreements with Mexico and Guatemala. Currently, the U.S. only has this type of agreement with Canada. Continue reading Safe for Whom?

Those Most Likely to Succeed . . .

From every graduating class there are always those voted, or perceived to be “most likely to succeed.” Among the most detrimental aspects of human behavior thwarting this process we find “taking credit and shifting blame.”

It has been wisely stated, “We have no idea what a paradise this world would be were we not so hung up on who gets credit for what! This warped-ego mentality has distorted history, retarded scientific development and impeded social, economic, mental and spiritual progress. Along with seeking notoriety, greed also plays a tremendous part in the equation. Continue reading Those Most Likely to Succeed . . .