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Why I stand with Planned Parenthood

by Michael Schuenemeyer, Executive for Health and Wholeness Advocacy

I hold strongly to the values that life is sacred and good, and that in circumstances when conflicting realities are present, each of us has a God-given moral responsibility to make decisions which reflect a reverence for life. These values helped to ground me when young people have come to me as a pastor for counsel concerning a host of situations, including decisions about an unwanted pregnancy. Continue reading Why I stand with Planned Parenthood

Finding and filling life’s purpose . . .

“Life itself can’t give us joy, unless we really will it. Life only gives us time and space, it’s up to us to fill it.”

This framed rhyme caught my attention many years ago hanging on the wall of a Roanoke City official. I never forgot it. It was again brought to mind as I listened to a eulogist at one of the multiple funerals held over the past week here in our Roanoke Valley, several of which were for family members and friends. Continue reading Finding and filling life’s purpose . . .

Boy-girl Gaps – A Growing Disequilibrium

I have written in these pages before about the disequilibrium that is growing in America because boys are falling behind girls in general, and as is true with any negative condition in this nation, Black male-female gaps are even more glaring.  The gaps are increasing both absolutely, because girls are doing better, and relatively, because the boys are doing worse. Continue reading Boy-girl Gaps – A Growing Disequilibrium

Advertising (make or break)

Kamila Love
Kamila Love

by Kamila Love

How you view the power or importance of advertising may reflect the condition of your business.

Let’s use this example:  A young lady has planned a beautiful wedding, her parents have gone in debt to pay for it, she has driven her fiance, her bridal party and the caterers crazy—EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT!!!  The big day finally arrives, she is walking down the aisle and guess what?—there are no guests except for the staff.  What happened?  She did not advertise, meaning she sent out to few invitations. Continue reading Advertising (make or break)

The power of positive thinking–and living

I’ve heard it said “most of us get enough exercise running (our mouths), jumping (to conclusions), flying (off the handle), dodging (responsibility) and pushing (our luck).

In so doing we become blinded to the reality of “the power of positive thinking,” upon which foundation all other positives must be built. Positive thinking must precede positive living, the examples of which are becoming harder to find with time and technology. Continue reading The power of positive thinking–and living