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What a little moonlight can do

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Policy Advocate for Domestic Issues

When I was nine years old, I wished for a telescope for my birthday. My Uncle Hirschey got it for me. To date, it is one of my favorite gifts of all time. I’ve been fascinated with astronomy ever since I saw the Challenger Space Shuttle blow up on the news in 1986. I wondered what in the sky was worth strapping onto a rocket to go see. This week marks 47 years since astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. became the first men to walk on the moon. The anniversary has me reflecting on what a little moonlight can do. Continue reading What a little moonlight can do

Exploring temperaments, targets and training . . .

“O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”

Summer months in particular have become increasingly popular for school, church, family and other types of reunions. Included also as in this year, are sometimes added partisan political reunions that are becoming more divisive with time. I was once naïve enough to think that candidates ran on noble promises and distinguished, reputable records (where they could be found), rather than on lies, insults, slander and whatever negative aspects can be uncovered or manufactured. Continue reading Exploring temperaments, targets and training . . .

Old stories in today’s time

by Loey Powell,
Retirered National Justice Advocacy

There are stories that your parents do not tell you until they think you are old enough to understand them. I did not know until I was well into adulthood what my parents experienced in the 1960s in the then-white suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, just west of Chicago. I knew that my father was very active supporting the civil rights movement, going to marches and advocating for fair and open housing ordinances in Oak Park. I vaguely recall disgruntled church members giving him a piece of their mind from time to time. Continue reading Old stories in today’s time

Let us not forget

by Brentley deBardelaben
Minister for Communication

Americans celebrated our nation’s 240th anniversary since its founding earlier this month on July 4th. Many people spend the day grilling food, swimming, and relaxing with family and friends. A tradition in several communities is to end the day with a display of fireworks. Some even choreograph them to music. It’s normally a wonder to behold and fun to be had by all. Continue reading Let us not forget