Fellowship and fun mark Lucy Addison High School 60th Reunion

Lucy Addison High School Class of 1959

Among the guests here for the 1959, 60th Addison Reunion were classmates from as far North as New York, as far South as Florida, as far west as California and Colorado and as far East as Virginia Beach. The marvelous event was held at the Holiday Inn, Airport, August 2,3,4 beginning with a Meet and Greet on Friday evening with music provided by a DJ.

Early Saturday a group departed to visit the wall at Lucy Addison Middle School, to tour the facility and the city. Saturday evening in the beautifully decorated Ballroom the class, dined and enjoyed the company of classmates and guests with Donald Lee Harris of Washington as host.

Reflections were given by classmates Rebecca Frances and Marvin Poindexter who emphasized our graduation theme of “Reality” and how it has come to pass-Computers and space travel. Our teachers at that time stressed the importance of enunciation, speaking properly, and also that education is an important tool to be utilized. Rebecca and Marvin also emphasized family values and the importance of friendship, which is evidence in the close relationships and friendships today.

Shirley Parker Perry was unique in her initial welcome stating “this welcome approved by Shirley Perry,” receiving a hardy applause and laughter. Hospitality was well received as Toastmaster Brenda Price Smith gave each member present an opportunity to speak momentarily about their family, hopes and dreams. Tears of joy were evident in the singing of our Alma Mater with music for the dance that followed provided by the Glenn Holmes Trio starting with The Electric Slide. Especially noticeable at this 60th Anniversary was that classmates still had rhythm and moves of the 60th and 70th!

The climax of the weekend of events included breakfast followed by a worship service conducted by classmate Dr. John Irvin Penn whose sermon was superb and well received as he emphasized Love, No Regrets and Destiny.

The lighting of the Memorial Candle was by Ann Thaxton Allen with class participation in a Litany written by Dr. Penn.

The Roanoke Tribune and Color magazine provided a copy of their respective publications for each member in attendance. Class members were happy to receive positive reading about the Roanoke community provided by each.

Harold Finney Reunion Committee Chairman closed with a “thank you” for those in attendance with “Hats off” to The Roanoke Reunion Committee for a job well done!