Do the right thing . . .

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“There is no excuse for bad manners” is an expression that I heard from my mother from childhood. Also, “If you want to be treated like a lady, you’re going to have to act like one.”

I remember being stunned with disbelief some years back when not one of our myriad of vociferous Black leaders had the temerity to speak out against the irrational, inexcusable riotous behavior displayed during a Greekfest held over a Labor Day weekend at Virginia Beach when far too many of our Black youths chose to “Do the Wrong thing–for whatever reason they felt justified it.

There were various accounts of what provoked the riot but when you feel you are being harassed, intimidated or exploited there are far more intelligent and respectful ways to handle rebellion than the equally (if not worse) rioting, looting and vandalizing of hundreds of businesses owned by people who had nothing to do with, and, in all probability were totally unaware of the alleged provocation.

I find it hard to believe that such irrationality would be condoned alibied or ignored by our proud Black leaders, past and present, especially in view of those who have marched, fought and surrendered their lives for our freedom and respect through non-violent movements–that changed the course of history!

During earlier days the civil rights movement experienced the far more serious provocations of lynchings, fire-bombings and the beating, clubbing and fire-hosing of innocent people. Yet no such atrocious actions remain commonplace to date–YET!

There can be no appropriate time or excuse to return wrong with more wrong! May we remember instead and support the proven leaders of our communities, state and nation!

There is no time for fruitless alibis, shifting blame or for lame groping for straws to justify what should be unquestionably condemned not condoned!

True concern for and advancement of those we love and admire requires exercising firm discipline and support to protect and encourage us all to “Do the RIGHT thing!