Imagining the Unimaginable . . .

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And upon being elected to serve as local, state or national government officials, receiving no payment¬–but the honor of having been chosen to serve the best interests of the people! Can you imagine not only trusting and respecting these elected officials but actually loving them and the institutions they comprise?

This is the nucleus of the New World Order currently being practiced and perfected on a divinely organized and controlled perpetual scale by millions of adherents of the Baha’i World Faith. This new Revelation of Baha’u’llah marks the gradual transition of a dying old-world order of materialism and self-interest plagued with deeply rooted sectarian, religious, racial, social and political prejudices and animosities. This painful transition is created through the death pangs of the old world order of control by fear and force, and the birth pangs of a new order controlled by loyalty and love!

The prescription for transformation of this new society must begin with transformation of individual souls! Such transformation begets de-egotization, which in turn begets mutual respect for differences while replacing stagnant perceived comfort zones. Also rivalrous individual, religious, political, fraternal and corporate leaders will be replaced with more compatible partnerships, networking and collaboration from personal family to world-family proportions¬–a trend already evident in the maturation of a society that has currently become physically freer than it is spiritually ready to handle.

In your wildest imagination can you imagine neither political nor religious leaders and officials being perpetually paid for all respective services to God and man; or the incomparable world-wide funds this would free-up, coupled with ever-advancing scientific and technological advances?

Subsequently, may we each strive to utilize every conceivable opportunity available to us to become united in heart and motivation in support of those efforts, individuals and movements that contribute most to the solidarity and subsequent strengthening of individuals of all ages. This inevitably produces the most positive chain of results throughout entire households, neighborhoods and subsequently the world at-large!

Let’s imagine and subsequently achieve – The Unimaginable!