When nothing else works, read the directions…

The reality of man is not his material body, but his thought. “As a man thinketh, so is he,” we read in Biblical scriptures.

The thought force and the animal force are partners,” state the Baha’i Holy Scriptures. Although man is part of the animal creation he possesses a power of thought superior to all other created beings. Therefore the glory of man is wisdom, not ignorance; light, not darkness. If man were to care only for himself he would be nothing but another animal. Nay, lower than the animal that has no freedom of choice.

“For it is animal propensity to live solitary and alone and it is animal proclivity to look after one’s own comfort. But man, to be fair, to be just, merciful and kind to all his species and never willing that he himself be well off while others are in misery and distress. This is the attribute of the animal, not of man.”

To willingly accept hardships for himself that others may enjoy wealth and to endure trouble for himself that others may enjoy happiness and well-being is more becoming of man-as demonstrated in the lives of God’s Holy Manifestations.

“That one indeed is a man who today dedicateth himself to the service of the entire human race,” the Holy Writings continue.

These words were issued over three-quarters of a century ago when mankind as well as modern science and technology were all yet immature.

Consider if you will, how the media in particular serves as the circulatory system of society, just as veins and arteries do for the human body. If poison is continuously pumped through either sickness and death will inevitably result.

Prior to run-away advancement in technology, mind pollution, hate and other multi-forms of prejudice and hate were not so easily and massively disseminated. If on the other hand healthy, natural and more wholesome substances flow continuously through each, a healthy, more prosperous and productive body and body politic will inevitably emerge.

It was the televised media in its infancy that played a significant role in exposing this nation’s racist, inhumane laws and law enforcement policies to the world over a half century ago. How symbolic with man is its progressive contamination with maturation. How frightening the thought of total uncontrol of anything-the media in particular!

But then we are advised in the Baha’i Holy Scriptures in this new Day of God, “The era of idle worship and guidance by words is ending, and the Day when nothing but the purest of deeds and service will be accepted in the sight of God is now upon us,” when as men and nations we must lean to lead, not through fear but through love; not by physical force but by the dynamic for of example!

And when nothing else works, Re-Read the directions!