Roanoke Moles Give Resolutions to Community Leaders

From left: Rebecca Coger, Monica Callaway, Liza Word and Marzetta Sinkler.

The Roanoke Chapter of The Moles entertained and presented beautifully framed resolutions to two community leaders, Dr. Brenda Hale, and posthumously, Rev. M. Sylvia Ball at the chapter meeting hosted by Moles Monica Callaway and Diane Jones at the Holiday Inn, Ordway Drive.

Although The Moles is a national social organization; several community service projects are completed yearly. Other than scholarships and supporting a charity organization at the annual Conclave, chapters are encouraged to identify two individuals in their community to be recognized for outstanding leadership and service yearly.

The local chairperson writes the biographical resolutions and submits them to the National Resolutions Committee chairperson who frames them. All resolutions are presented to the submitting chapters at the Annual National Conclaves.

The Roanoke community has so many deserving citizens and the resolutions have been a highlight for The Moles. The 2019 Resolutions honorees and a family member dined and were presented with the resolutions from the 2019 National Conclave in that was held in Louisville, KY.

The following 2019 resolutions were presented to: Dr. Brenda L. Hale recommended by Mole Francine McLaughlin and presented by Vice President Lutheria Smith and in the absence of Rick Ball, husband of Rev. Sylvia Ball, who was recommended by Moles Monica Callaway and Brenda Debose.

From left: Francine McLaughlin, Brenda Hale and Marzetta Sinkler.

Deaconess Liza Word and Minister Rebecca Coger received the resolution. Local Resolutions Chair, Marzetta Sinkler, welcomed and acknowledged the 2019 recipients.

The chapter appreciates all of the things our honorees are doing and have done for the Roanoke Valley. Mole Gloria Randolph-King is the chapter president.