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Clifton B. Whitworth, Jr.,
Associate Editor

As we walk down the road of life, beset by all of the ills of our socalled “rat-race,” we wonder what one should do in the face of greed, confusion, rotten politics and the many negative aspects found in our society. In our present civilization one now has to make some changes within. Bolstered by belief in a great Essence, a Divine Creator, one can extend the length of His arms so that all can be cradled therein; Arms that circle the world and its multi-millions; Arms that are soft and warm as young lovers on a moonlit night; Arms that shelter the poor, the friendless, the disadvantaged.

May our wisdom increase so that solutions to poverty, disease and racism can be found; no problems exist on earth without a solution. God is not a one-sided Being. All things created by Him have balance whereby good can conquer over bad or evil; for every disease there is a cure and extreme poverty can be eliminated by the redistribution of extreme wealth. Wisdom to solve our problems is what we should seek!

As the inhabitants of our small planet increase and new power groups emerge we must ask for a deeper understanding of our fellowman. As East confronts West, a deeper understanding of the customs and mores of each must be understood by the other. Appreciation of this earth can be multiplied if we but “stop to smell the roses,” make a friend or to gaze at the beauty that surrounds us—beauty and order that have existed for thousands of years. There is no confusion in nature! The sun shines everyday and the moon every night in a prescribed and orderly manner. For this order and balance of nature we should give thanks every day to a Great Creator!

May we extricate ourselves from the tiny packages, in which we have been so securely wrapped, that we may serve our fellowman rather than practice greed upon one another. Service can be the key that unlocks the door to personal satisfaction and joy as service to others is service to God!

Most of all, may our love encompass ALL–the lovable and the deserving as well as the unlovable and undeserving, who need love more than anyone. It is easy to love beauty, cleanliness and other admirable qualities but it takes a bigger heart to love the opposite. We must strive to extend our love, not only to those most lovable but to all creation! We are not just “Our brother’s keeper,” we are also our brother’s brother! Our virtues must outweigh our vices, our arms must extend to embrace others and most of all let Love dominate our very being. Love accentuates the positive by eliminating the negatives.

Too frequently we only tolerate one another. It’s now well past time to declare the whole world, and not just “Virginia is for lovers!”