The foundation of spiritual education

Periodically over the past 44 years of my editing of The Roanoke Tribune, I have done a series of alphabetical editorials. I’m reminded of such as I continue to wrestle with three “life-altering H’s” at different stages of my longevity during the most historic and strategic of times- in this comparatively new nation in particular. The three, Hurt, Hate and Healing, occur apparently in that order and remain primarily oblivious until permanent damage has been done.

Regardless of the origin or probable justification for the first H however, the old adage repeatedly quoted in my Turtle Talk editorials remains paramount upon its festering to the acidulous second stage where “Acid does more damage to the vessel in which it is (permanently) stored than to the object on which it is (occasionally) poured.” The more extended the time beyond that point, the more difficult the Healing process.

Thus enters White, masculine, national and military supremacy, among others. When, where and how can the Healing begin with no visible evidences of real change? Over past decades innumerable Federal, State and local legal battles have been won and changes accomplished—many of which have since been overtly or covertly reversed. Primarily unchanged remain Black and White attitudes from which the original Hurt begins.

True change seldom comes through willful physical or mental transformation without some life-altering incident, but rather through spiritual transformation, fast becoming more foreign through distraction by the perpetually changing faces and morals of “social media.”

We are currently entering the season of graduations–from various intellectual schools and institutions honoring various degrees of acquired knowledge. There are also many training institutions for development of the physical body to ensure physical health, strength and longevity. Lamentably, by placing more emphasis upon religious indoctrination than on religious education, religions are currently experiencing more division than unification of spirituality. We are consequently entering the prophetic cycle when “We will put a seal upon their lips,” the time when “only the purest of deeds will be acceptable in His sight.”

The foundation for a spiritual education in this new Day of God is contingent upon the colleges and universities of the world holding fast to cardinal principles that include: elimination of the cause of ignorance and social evils; a standard universal system of instruction and liberal diffusion of the lights of knowledge; inspiring students with the sublimest ideals of ethical refinement and enforcing their consciousness of the globe as one home, of nations as members of one family and the inhabitants of each as brothers and sisters of all mankind, irrespective of religion or race, and all as His children!

Having been created in His Image, man is (potentially) the greatest representative of God, the center of divine appearances and the receptacle of divine inspiration. (A compilation of Baha’i Holy Writings)

In brief the foundation of spiritual education consists of the acquisition of divine perfections, that we may demonstrate dignity in this era of words with the increasing absence of deeds. Only then will we be able (as men and nations) to lead by example and not by force! (Investigate! 1-800-22-unite)