Making peace with new realities . . .

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This always reminds me of a conversation in the car as we were traveling home from an out-of-town family gathering when the comment was made about one rarely seen family member who “never could face reality.”

“Who can?” was the immediate response from another passenger. From that moment I have been more cognizant of the fact that some realities may not be as easily dealt with as others. Nor am I sure of what determines one’s ability to cope with life’s changing realities as some are absolute while others are variable.

Perhaps a good example of the variables is the old man watching a little boy sitting on the curb crying. When he asked the reason for his tears the boy said it was because he could not do what the big boys could do. The old man sat down beside him—and cried too; both experiencing the same variable truth of the cycle of man, from childhood to childhood. Many aspects of nature are absolute whereas their affects are variable.

The world is like the body of man, it is becoming sick, feeble and infirmed. Its sight is becoming impaired and its spiritual equilibrium imbalanced. The friends of God (by whatever label) must become as wise physicians in order to care for and heal the sick that the whole earth may become healthy through respectful recognition of the reality of and necessity for differences, that its lost powers of love may be restored. We must learn to distinguish the difference between eternal love and modern day lust.

For those who may never have experienced the reality of love in infancy and early childhood, the word is as any other foreign language. Likewise for those who have never experienced the reality of peace are more likely to be attracted to warring situations and mentality. Thus the ever-increasing, dire necessity for men and nations (dominated by men) to demonstrate dignity and conquer by example and not by force. The latter only wins you a few false friends and innumerable (unidentifyable) true enemies.

“The foundation of the Kingdom of God is laid upon justice, fairness, mercy, sympathy and kindness,” we read in the Baha’i Holy Writings for this new Day. “Then strive ye with heart and soul to practice love and kindness to the world of humanity at large—except to those souls who are selfish and insincere! It is not advisable to show kindness to a person who is a tyrant, a traitor or a thief for kindness encourages him to become worse and does not awaken him. The more kindness you show a liar the more he is apt to lie for he thinks that you know not, while you do know, but” for whatever reason, fail to reveal your knowledge of it.

“Do ye know in what Day you are living? Do you realize in what dispensation ye exist? Have ye not heard that at the consummation of the ages there would dawn a Day the sum total of all past ages combined? A new reality to make peace with, you will find is…This is that Day! According to the Holy Writings (and the signs of the times), in “This most mighty Revelation (less than 200 years in its infancy) all the Dispensations of the past  have attained their highest, and final consummation…The potentialities inherent in the station of man, the full measure of his destiny on earth, the innate excellence of his reality must all be manifested in this promised Day of God!

The duty incumbent upon man in this Day of information is to investigate reality! This means that man must forget all hearsay and examine truth himself, for he does not know whether statements he hears are in accordance with reality or not, therefore (Investigate!)