Identity Crisis

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What is the idea of being Black? One of the funniest things I’ve heard is if a young Black man doesn’t wear the average Hip Hop fashion or any Hip Hop fashion it’s called “The White Boy Swag.” “Gurl, look at him! He got that White boy swag!”
What were we doing before Hip Hop became the phenomenon it is now?
Did all the men have “White Boy Swag”?

Being the perfect image of a stereotype, is that what being Black is? Sagging pants is such a huge part of Hip Hop fashion though we all know the origins of pants sagging came from prisoners. Two stories exist regarding this.
1. The inmates were given oversized clothes to degrade them.
2. The homosexual prisoners would sag their pants to show their availability.
Now I’m not putting down Hip Hop culture, but what I am saying is it is not the epitome of being Black.

Does wearing your hair natural or straight make us Black? I wear my hair both ways, but I think that having the guts to wear your hair the way it grows naturally can be a beautiful thing. “This is my hair baby! Yes, it is magical and it turns to a whole new hairstyle when water is applied!”

For those people who say the natural look is not professional or not to be taken seriously, like the scene in Chris Rock’s movie “Good Hair” When the students were being questioned and they were talking about the girl with natural hair. I also have some experience with the mocking of natural hair. So for those people, too bad you have been brainwashed with western ideology of beauty my darlings. By the way I see Caucasians give the most compliments on natural hair. You who follow mock the ones who dare to be different, to lead.

I’m not saying that having straight hair is trying to be White either, because I have spoken to girls with natural hair but you would’ve sworn you were talking to a…..well not a Black girl. I like to switch it up when it comes to my hair, depending on my mood. Natural, straight, straight, natural. Plus they had straight hair wigs in Ancient Africa, Egypt. Yes Egypt is in Africa, not the Middle East.

So I can’t say that straight hair is a White thing and I can’t say that dyeing your hair is a White thing since the Masi tribe in Africa dye their hair red. But I do think there is a line you cross when you are trying to look like someone else.

Yes I’m talking about blonde, blonde, blonde hair. I’m not talking about those who naturally have blonde or blondish hair because of your lineage. So to those who dye it, if you’re dyeing your hair blonde you cannot get mad, attack, hate and/or accuse a Caucasian woman of getting a tan as trying to look Black. Please don’t attack her because your attempts to get her luxurious golden locks are doing exactly what you’re accusing her of so you’re doing the same thing.

Does your speech make you Black? It depends, some Black folks do actually copy the cadence and speech patterns of those identified with Whites. But speaking proper English does not mean you speak White!! I repeat, speaking proper English does not mean you speak White!!

Do you know what it means when you enunciate and pronounce your words from beginning to end? It means that your parents or caretakers taught you how to speak and the importance of how you present yourself. Bravo!!!

Factors as how you dress and what kind of music you listen to might determine your Blackness to some degree. Some people don’t think it’s very Black to listen to rock music. Hello! Let’s not forget that rock-n-roll originated from Black culture with Muddy Waters, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and many others?

I think that being Black is all about knowing self and kind as well as being proud of your heritage, culture and beauty…not being ashamed to talk about it. The Asians are proud of their culture, the Europeans, everybody!

So as Blacks, why can’t we embrace who we are and be proud individuals–not trapped by stereotypes.
Twa-la for now.