Accentuate the positive; eliminate the negative . . .

go to link Few indeed I’m sure, are those of us who remember the ancient tune “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Don’t mess with Mr. In-between.”

dove comprare levitra contrassegno online Should one attempt such a fete at this advanced critical junction in time, it appears there would be little left. I find myself watching old movies and sitcoms with higher morals during mankind’s infancy as opposed to the current trend of criminal orientation, increasing promiscuity, stupidity, the ridiculous political fracas and overall competitive brawls infiltrating modern society at home and abroad which always lead the daily news. It all begins with infancy–in homes where there is no longer fellowship at a common dinner table at least once a day at any age as all members go their separate ways. Believe it or not, some children are even paid for daily chores at home–in some form or another.

the cheapest viagra online In this new dispensation it has been recorded: “When work is done for a reward, the work brings pleasure or pain, or both in its time. But when work is done for love of God, His creatures and eternity, eternity is its reward”–although most would rather not wait. The primary lesson being unintentionally taught here, however, is one of total ingratitude for a lifetime of expressions of love, care and kindness received, or yet to be received from others. In essence it is not the quantity or even the quality of work done that really counts as much as one’s motivation for the action and attitude with which it is performed. When assistance is given others solely for the sake of appreciation or reward it could be very disappointing and hurtful should the recipient seem ungrateful or, in our feeble estimation “undeserving.” But when done for the sake of God and His creation, how it is received, perceived or even misunderstood is irrelevant as servitude to God is its own reward. But for His Grace we could be on the reverse end of that service.

source site “There’s very little difference in people,” began an article that ever remains indelible in my mind, read many years ago in a Reader’s Digest. “But that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” The article proceeded to tell the story of a serviceman’s wife who had moved from familiar big city lights and lifestyles to a remote mid-western desert area where her husband was stationed. In her increasing loneliness and depression she would occasionally wander into the nearby village and shop among the native Americans with whom she had absolutely nothing in common. Among learning of their many needs she began teaching some of the natives and before long they became very fond of her–and she of them and of the area. So what changed? Not the natives, not her situation and certainly not the desert! Only her attitude toward it all.

viagra generico 200 mg spedizione veloce a Parma A primary component of attitude adjustment is gratitude, appreciation of all blessings great and small that allow us to remain as “independent as possible of all save God” and especially as instruments through which His Love may flow to others. In such state we can eventually have more positive effect upon those people, places and things that have had a more negative effect upon us. It is imperative that we stay plugged into the Spiritual Circuitry from whence cometh our strength that we may Accentuate the Postitive and Eliminate the negative elements that divide and destroy us as men and nations. (Investigate! – 1-800-22UNITE)