New Year’s Reflections and Resolutions. . .

As we stand at the precipice of an unparalleled new Gregorian year we find ourselves more eagerly and anxiously anticipating the incoming year when reflecting upon the events of the past one and the current controversial state of the economy and the world. Yet reflections of the past are very critical in charting a more meaningful, profitable and productive future.

We often cowardice ourselves with reflections of past mistakes, unwise decisions and/or by some unkind words or deeds by others toward us–or of our own toward others–which only stunts our own spiritual growth and productivity. To continuously burden yourself with such lamentations inevitably renders us helpless and useless at best, or worse still defensive and disruptive. May we reflect instead upon the fact that others have made similar or worse mistakes but have chosen instead to use them as steppingstones rather than stumbling blocks and to turn inevitable obstacles into opportunities.

Mankind is not perfect and we will be perpetually unhappy if we choose to concentrate on our own or others’ imperfections. May we reflect instead upon our Creator Who is perfect, and make our best offerings to Him, Who alone understands our heart and motives, as well as who is worthy or unworthy of what, and rewards us all accordingly–in His time, not ours.

As we reflect on certain people, places or things we hold dear which did not survive the past year, may we reflect with an attitude of gratitude on the precious time we did share, becoming rejuvenated and inspired to greater heights from the experience. May it also serve as a reminder that, regardless of age, health or circumstance, “We have no time to lose; every fleeting moment must be fully and wisely utilized,” we are charged in the Baha’i Holy Writings. We can no longer expect to achieve peace through more sophisticated weapons of war nor through the “erection of higher walls,” but through the building of bridges! For war will ever be representative of darkness and death while peace is light and life.

“When a thought of war comes, oppose it with a stronger thought of peace. A thought of hate must be destroyed by a more powerful thought of love,” we are reminded in the Baha’i Holy Writings.

May we firmly resolve to become instruments of God’s love to mankind–the good, the bad, the lovable and especially the unlovable–who need love most!

“At most it is this: some do not know, they must be guided, trained and encouraged in the acquisition of virtues. Some are ignorant, they must be informed. Some are as children, undeveloped; they must be helped to reach maturity. Some are ailing with unhealthy moral conditions. But the sick are not to be hated because they are sick. The child must not be shunned because he is a child nor the ignorant despised because he lacks knowledge. They must all be treated, educated, trained and assisted in LOVE, 
ensuring a . . .


As we begin another New Year, may we each resolve to “Be a light, not a judge; a model not a critic for, “In the world of existence there is indeed no power greater than the Magnet of Love!” Investigate