Mankind’s most Unique & Historical Century . . .

At mankind’s present juncture in history we are experiencing an increasing pervasive feeling of meaninglessness and frustration reflected about us and throughout society, at home and abroad. Such meaninglessness is a characteristic hallmark–and perhaps a dominant symptom–of a collapsing world order!

Without meaning in life one lacks motivation and becomes apathetic, a condition close to spiritual and/or psychological death. With no sense of destiny and purpose, something else always stands ready to fill the void. If one abandons himself to physical desires and allows them to become the determinants of his behavior he becomes a mere animal; nay, less than the animal that has no choice. To descend to such state one becomes socially irresponsible, unfit as a friend, spouse, parent or citizen simply sewing seeds of destruction. Greed and violence ultimately become the characteristics of such behavior when physical desires are the primary source of motivation.

How many groups and organizations are formed around persons of every persuasion seeking identity and purpose to infuse meaning into their lives? How innumerable the individuals seeking such motivation through another individual with equally limited capacities at best, creating even more frustration.

On the journey to discover one’s true identity and purpose we not only learn to direct our own precious energies, misguided tenacity and strong wills, we learn also to respect those qualities in others which once harnessed, can become as powerful as wind, fire and water or any other natural force that becomes dangerous and destructive only when unleased and out of control.

Among man’s greatest gifts is the unique gift of undestanding, a gift not shared by any other form of life. All other kingdoms are captive to nature or controlled by instinct. Man alone has been endowed with the qualities of reason and understanding which, through the dangerous weapon of unbridled freedoms, are often manifested in unreasonable behavior and subsequent misunderstanding. With proper understanding one could easily discern: “That which was applicable to human needs during the early history of the race can neither meet nor satisfy the demands of this incomparable Day; this period of newness and consummation…” The gifts and blessings of the period of youth, although timely and sufficient during the adolescence of mankind, are now incapable of meeting the requirements of its maturity!”

Therefore, it is not the ever-evolving changes and chances of time that really matter as much as our individual attitudes toward them. Be neither overjoyed at seeming successes and triumphs nor overwhelmed by disappointments and disasters, for both shall pass! Neither dwell on your weaknesses and frailty. Put your trust instead in the invincible Power of the One True God and be assured of supreme victory!

“This Incomparable Age is indeed as 100 former Ages combined! Should we gather the yield of a hundred ages and set that against the accumulated product of current times, the yield of this one era will prove greater than that of a hundred gone before,” state the Baha’i Holy Writings. (investigate! – 1-800-22-UNITE)