The Ultimate Black History Trivia Book

by Curtis Claytor

Most of us learn in school about Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, and George Washington Carver. But who was the woman who refused to sit in the Jim Crow Section of the train in 1883, or the name of the Black man who invented the gas mask and three-signal stoplight? Not only will one learn about inventors and heroes of the Black struggle one will learn about the horrific racial violence that is seldom mentioned in history books.

Do you know about the race riot that resulted in the murder of over 200 Blacks and the destruction of more than eleven hundred Black businesses and homes? What about the race riot that began with a Black youth who ventured into the “white section” of a lake drowned after angry whites pelted him with rocks? Black trivia enthusiasts will learn answers to a variety of questions as; who scored 101 points in their first half of a high school basketball game, Fred Sanford’s middle initial, and when the freaks come out according to the Whodini song. In his fascinating and entertaining book, Curtis Claytor invites you to test and increase your knowledge of Black History and celebrate the achievements of not only well-known African Americans but also the lesser known.

What reviewers are saying: “The range, organization, solid research, and respect for fun underpinning this book make it a good choice for families, students, libraries and anyone else who wants to deepen their knowledge base and brush up on African American history. An extensive list of sources includes a bibliography of books, magazines, newspaper articles and websites.”-Clarion Review

“The Trivia guru/African American historian has spent countless hours researching and compiling the 2000 trivia questions that fill this engaging and entertaining book. The Ultimate Black History Trivia Book can provide hours of fun, but also has practical applications: Claytor’s research will settle generations of household disputes and misinformation, and educators can unitize its content to punctuate overlooked or marginalized African American history figures and events. Questions can also be used as quiz material.”-Blue Ink Review

For more information contact Curtis and Kathleen Claytor at (540) 597-0667 and (540) 309-5142. Books are also available for sale at the Roanoke Tribune office.