Perfecting the Art of Communication . . .

The pivotal point of world order is based upon communication among all forms of life whether fish, fowl, mammal, insect or other since time immemorial and therefore better able to commingle and cohabitate. Each also understands how to transmit danger signals when a threat is imminent or sensed. Seldom is there any likelihood of issuing false or deliberate deceptive warnings as theirs is natural, divine communication, unlike mankind who has been endowed with intelligence superior to any other creation as he continues to mature physically, mentally, scientifically and technologically and therefore capable of bending some elements and forces of nature to his will that, without perfecting the art of Divine communication, could change the potential “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” into a proverbial hell instead.

Communications between parents and children from infancy is therefore even more pivotal, whether their own or the children of others, with early parental communication, replaced in today’s modern, mercenary society of mass selective alternatives. The results too often finds many of today’s children left to drift with environmental tides until some catastrophe washes them ashore amid the sharp-edged rocks of life’s realities.

This unfortunately is becoming more commonplace each day as we witness rising rates of depression, anxiety, attention deficit, thoughts of suicide and/or other conduct disorder signaling serious mental, emotional and/or behavioral problems among today’s children, adolescents and adults.

At the root of it all is lack of good, wholesome spiritual education classes, for children as well as adults of all ages, nationalities, races and religions (or of no particular religion) who may be more open-minded. Therefore, rather than prioritizing differences, parents and guardians in particular as well as all others, are encouraged to initiate and participate in sessions that emphasize the things we all have in common thus perfecting the Art of Divine Communication!