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On Bobbins, Geese, and Tomatoes

by Katie Adams,
Policy Advocate for Domestic Issues

Often, the chance to write for Witness for Justice is one I enjoy. Mostly I write dry(ish) policy briefs, and the chance to flex my sartorial and theological muscles in a less restrictive format is welcome. But right now, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, on the verge of what could be a contested election, after a summer of civil uprising, and facing economic hardship as a result of the pandemic and our government’s failed response. How could I offer wisdom and guidance on these weighty matters? What insight could I have? Many mornings I wake up and immediately feel the heaviness of it all settle on me, like an unwelcome and smothering blanket (not a weighted blanket, which I hear are heavenly). Each day seems to unspool with an uneven thread. If you’ve ever threaded a sewing machine you know that if you don’t thread the bobbin just right, things will get tangled quickly. And right now, it feels like the bobbin of the world hasn’t been threaded right. Continue reading On Bobbins, Geese, and Tomatoes

Vote, Vote, Vote

“The first fact that we need to understand is that America has a longer history of disenfranchisement than it does of enfranchisement. What do I mean by that? At the time of the American Revolution when America was finding its footing, more than two-thirds of the people who resided in the colonies couldn’t vote. You had to be white, you had to be male, you had to have property, and you had to be privileged. This history of America is a history of political exclusion . . . It was because people were trying to control power from the very beginning.”
–Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries, speaking at a Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools® training Continue reading Vote, Vote, Vote

Approaching “Harvest season” . . .

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven,” begins the third chapter of Ecclesiastes. Two distinctive seasons in the cycles of time are marked by the vernal and autumnal equinox which signalize equal lengths of day and night as the sun crosses the equator, at which point the cycles shift.

The vernal equinox, that begins each March 21, signalizes Spring, the warming of the earth following a long, cold winter–from which we have ironically been recently spared in our particular area–and the rejuvenation of plant life with all of its beauty! Continue reading Approaching “Harvest season” . . .

Republicans Peddling Myths

Trump and his Republican supporters are losing their argument about Trump being the country’s economic savior as the economy tanks, mainly because of his non-handling of the pandemic.

They appeared to be winning the argument last May when 54 percent of registered voters said Trump would better handle the economy than 42 percent for Biden. Now, incredibly, Trump and Biden are tied at 49 percent apiece on who would manage the economy better. Continue reading Republicans Peddling Myths


by Amy Johnson,
Minister for Sexuality Education

I’ve been thinking a lot about words lately, and language, encouraged by the indomitable Rev. Dr. Velda Love in the Sacred Conversations to End Racism Fall Institute.

I’ve been thinking about the characteristics of white supremacy culture, and how “worship of the written word” is included on the list. I’ve been thinking about who controls what can be published and who decides who can even learn to write. Continue reading Words