Trump “big loser” in Virginia elections

Democrats win big in races throughout the state!
ELECTION – Poll worker Jimmy Lee Jones, Jr. greets a veteran who came to cast his vote at Eureka Park Precinct in northwest. – Photo by S. Hale

source get link by S. Rotan Hale It was a great night for democrats with big wins in a host of races through- out the commonwealth sending a clear signal that Virginians aren’t going for the Trump administration’s tactics and “politics of division.”

source site Now Donald Trump is the “big loser” in Virginia as Democrats celebrated key victories over republicans in the governor’s race as well as the race for Lt. Governor, attorney general and various Senate and House of Representatives seats–securing Virginia’s role as a blue state. Turnout was high across the state and local poll numbers were equally impressive according to Stephen Niamke, who’s been, chief election official, Eureka Park Precinct (north- west) since 2009, reported the numbers at 770 (20%) by noon. “It’s unheard of by this time of day and that’s impressive,” said Niamke. “Quite often when democrats come out to the polls they usually win.” Locally Donald Caldwell will hold his position as Roanoke’s top prosecutor. Caldwell (54%) ran as an independent against local attorney democrat Melvin Hill (46%) maintaining his position as Roanoke Commonwealth’s Attorney for four more years.

order cialis in canada Incumbent Tim Allen (61%) holds his position as Roanoke City Sheriff toppling two opponents; Mac Westland and William Billingsley.

follow link In the race for governor Democrat Ralph Northam (53.87%) beat out republican challenger Ed Gilespie (44.96%) in a campaign that had millions poured into it and was one of several in the state that gained national attention.

american online drugstore discount accutane “Today, Virginians proved that we won’t be divided, we won’t be torn apart, and we won’t sit idly by. We will speak out against divisiveness, hatred, and bigotry in all its forms, and we will fight for Virginia values,” said Northam during his victory speech delivered at George Mason Univ. Fairfax VA. “I am… so honored to have earned your trust, your vote, and to serve you as the 73rd governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

here In a statement the Democratic National Commit- tee spoke out celebrating Northam’s strategic win.

“Make no mistake: Ralph Northam won because voters know that Democrats share their values of inclusion and opportunity. The new DNC demonstrated its commitment to organizing for our values.” said Tom Perez, chairman, DNC.

“Voters also rejected a Trump-Pence agenda that would take health care away from millions, cut taxes for millionaires and corporations at the expense of the middle class, and fuel bigotry and division at a time when our country needs unity.

“Tonight’s success is just the beginning. We believe that every zip code counts, and we will organize 365 days a year against a Republican Party that always caters to Wall Street instead of Main Street. That’s how we will keep winning elections from the school board to the Oval Office,” added Perez in a statement released shortly after news of the win.

Challenger Ed Gillespie, distanced himself from Trump during the campaign in hopes of steering clear of the divisive and alienating policies that are a trademark of the present administration. Yet to no availas Virginians didn’t go for it.

“Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for,” Trump said in a tweet.

In other races across the state, democrat incumbent Mark Herring (53.21%) beat out republican challenger John Adams (46.70%) in the race for Attorney General.

Democrat Justine Fairfax (52.64%) secured the win against republican challenger Gil Vogel (47.27%) in the Lt. Governor’s race. Fairfax is the second African American to hold the position.