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COVID-19 vaccine distribution

by Dr. Cynthia Morrow

When a farmer wants to sell milk from her dairy farm, people don’t line up with empty bottles at the barn door to buy it. Before reaching the consumer in a grocery store, the milk needs to stored, transported to the dairy factory where it is tested, processed, packaged, and then transported to the store. At all stages, it has to be held at food-safe temperatures.

Although this is a simplistic analogy, there are some comparisons to be made with vaccine rollout. As we enter the next phase of immunizations, the Roanoke City and Alleghany Health District (RCHAD) is thrilled to be able to help more Virginians receive this life saving tool. People who are aged 75 years and older, as well as frontline essential workers such as police, teachers, grocery store workers, and others are eligible to receive the vaccine, starting on January 11, 2021. Continue reading COVID-19 vaccine distribution

“You got to care; man you got to care!”

There is no question that we all do care about something. The determining factor is what we each care about–and to what extent. When the world was younger and science and technology were in their infancy people were taught by example to care for one another with those families and territories with the least to share always more willing to do so. How odd that the more we acquire, the less we share or care about others. Continue reading “You got to care; man you got to care!”

Insurrection – No Arrests

A Trump mob carried out a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. They broke windows and doors as they illegally and unlawfully invaded the Senate, which was in a joint session with the House of Representatives.

They disrupted the business of the Congress and hung around all afternoon, and very few were arrested. Why was that? Joy Reid, MSNBC Host of the program, “Reidout,” nailed it as she compared the strikingly different police response when it comes to Black protesters versus these rioters. Continue reading Insurrection – No Arrests

Through the Eyes of the Roanoke NAACP Youth Council

To whom it may concern:

After witnessing so many discrepancies during these four years, we have been appalled by the inappropriate behavior of our Nation’s current president, Donald Trump. We, the members of the Roanoke NAACP Youth Council, want to share our viewpoints.

People have died as a result of his behavior. A police officer named Brian D. Sicknick passed away after suffering from brutal injuries while on duty; an Air Force veteran, a woman by the name of Ashli Babbitt, died after experiencing a fatal shot by the police; Benjamin Phillips, Kevin Greenson, and Rosanne Boyland all died at the scene of the attack. This does not include over 50 police officers reported to have been injured during the riot. Continue reading Through the Eyes of the Roanoke NAACP Youth Council