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A life built on service and trust

Mason Haynesworth has brought order to many lives as a trusted CPA
Mason Haynesworth sits surrounded by documents from former clients – descendants of James E. Brown, Sr. — Photo by Robert Hale

by Jazmine Otey

Last month, The Roanoke Tribune featured an article initiating a search for surviving descendants of James E. Brown Sr. and William Campbell. The information concerning the two gentlemen was chronicled by Karl Taylor and his assistant Al Barton.

Enter Mason Haynesworth, a longtime professional CPA trusted by many in the area with handling not only financial affairs but offering certain legal advice as well. When Haynesworth (a Tribune subscriber) saw Brown’s photo in the paper he was surprised to see a familiar face. Continue reading A life built on service and trust

Hundreds of Roanoke Valley families participate in Project Outside fundraiser

Explore Park– (from left): Kim Arrington; Jaetoine Graves; Markale Arrington; Annette, Eddie, III and Edward, IV all Stokes pose at Explore Park Adventure Day held Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020. — Photos by S. Nowlin

by Shawn Nowlin

Families have been making memories at Roanoke County’s Explore Park since 2014. Known for its Treetop Quest aerial adventure course, the park also offers a brewpub, challenging obstacles, zip-lining and overnight cabins, among many other activities.

Last Saturday the park hosted Adventure Day, an event to support and celebrate outdoor recreation throughout the Roanoke Valley as well as raise funds for Project Outside. Continue reading Hundreds of Roanoke Valley families participate in Project Outside fundraiser

College Friends meet via Zoom

Photo by John of

The annual University of Pittsburgh College Girlfriend Weekend scheduled for Portland Oregon this year, was stymied by that dastardly Covid-19! While Cheryl Manning and friends were not able to meet in person, these six ladies, who have been friends for 51 years, were able to meet virtually via Zoom for two hours each day. On day one they did a virtual tour of popular Portland sites and enjoyed wine from Abbey Creek Vineyard, a Black owned Portland winery. Continue reading College Friends meet via Zoom

Fall Activities and COVID-19

Dr. Molly O’Dell

by Dr. Molly O’Dell

A primary public health concern is how the flu and cold season will be impacted by COVID-19 and how fall activities such as Election Day, Halloween trick-or-treating, and holiday celebrations could result in more people contracting the virus. Our local COVID-19 case investigators are already reporting that many individuals that have tested positive have stated that their early symptoms mimic sinus infections, colds, or the flu. Many have unknowingly spread the coronavirus to their families and co-workers because they did not realize that the initial onset of symptoms may be as mild as a “stuffed up” head or runny nose. Continue reading Fall Activities and COVID-19

Approaching “Harvest season” . . .

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven,” begins the third chapter of Ecclesiastes. Two distinctive seasons in the cycles of time are marked by the vernal and autumnal equinox which signalize equal lengths of day and night as the sun crosses the equator, at which point the cycles shift.

The vernal equinox, that begins each March 21, signalizes Spring, the warming of the earth following a long, cold winter–from which we have ironically been recently spared in our particular area–and the rejuvenation of plant life with all of its beauty! Continue reading Approaching “Harvest season” . . .