Installed as New Charlottesville Postmaster

Cloteal Farmer

Congratulations to Cloteal Farmer who was recently installed as US Postmaster in Charlottesville, VA.

Mrs. Farmer started with the US Postal Service in April 1995 as a part-time flexible (PTF) letter carrier. She served as a relief supervisor for several yeas until selected for the Associate Supervisor Program. After being promoted to Customer Services Supervisor, she was promoted to Customer Services Manager in Alexandria, VA. She subsequently earned a higher level manager’s position at South station in Arlington in 2008; in May 2013, she became officer in charge (OIC) of Colonial Beach Post Office and was later promoted to Colonial Beach Postmaster!

In June 2014, Postmaster Farmer was selected as District Lean Mail Delivery Coordinator, and in August 2014, she was assigned to serve as OIC of Williamsburg. In September 2016, she was promoted as the first Black Postmaster of Salem, VA, where she served for nine months.

In June of 2017 Mrs. Farmer came to the Charlottesville Post Office as OIC and was selected as Postmaster in August 2017, bringing a unique style of leadership to the Postal Service. She is a motivator, mentor, trainer, leader, speaker, and team player who believes in getting the job done, and is willing to assist whenever and wherever needed for the benefit of her customers.

Hats Off to Charlottesville Postmaster Cloteal Farmer.