It’s Graduation time . . .

click Of Webster’s many definitions of graduation we have chosen for this occasion, “To pass from one stage of existence, proficiency or prestige to a higher one.”

cheap propecia no prescription Throughout the nation during this particular Spring season we will be experiencing academic graduations on every scholastic level of our society, from pre-school through post-grad status.

click here When the infant in the womb of its mother fully develops all of its physical faculties (none of which is needed in that world of existence), it’s time to graduate into a new world of existence, “as vastly different as this world is from our next higher realm of existence upon graduation from this one”–we are apprised in the Baha’i Holy Writings.

levitra prezzo più basso As pre-schoolers gradually learn to acclimate to multi-children settings in which they are not the center of attraction find, upon finally achieving a comfort level, it’s time to graduate. The same scenario continues throughout life’s pilgrimage with high school being the final stage of compulsory education. At this stage seniors reign supreme–but then it’s time to graduate and start from the bottom of a different ladder, whether academic, corporate, wise or otherwise, as higher education is neither mandatory nor compulsory. It’s a privilege not accessible to all, despite all efforts to make it so. But whatever course one chooses to pursue upon graduation, may it be for the betterment of mankind rather than for mere personal gain. As we continue to graduate to higher levels, scientifically and technologically, as men and nations, may we place more emphasis upon becoming (or promoting) instruments of PEACE rather than those of war, and accept more responsibility for our own actions rather than relying upon alibis and contrived motivations. With graduations also often come new freedoms that few of us voluntarily handle well. At no time is the old adage, “Abuse it and lose it,” more applicable as “Freedom is never free!” The highest priority in our current graduation process derives predominantly through competitive, warring mentalities rather than those of continuous love and cooperative search for understanding and a basic formula for peace–from individual home to homeland and world peace!

buy online accutane no prescription With the increasing inestimable expenses and ravages of war on an ever-widening scale of innocent men, women and children, isn’t it high time we graduate to a higher level of mentality? War is death and destruction on an ever-widening and advancing scale! Peace on the other hand, is life on the same advancing scale! War is darkness; Peace is Light!

follow link “When a thought of war comes, oppose it with a stronger thought of peace! A thought of hate must be destroyed by a more powerful thought of love,” we read in the Baha’i Holy Writings.

go Look about you, America! It’s graduation time–for a higher, more peaceful and loving mentality of mankind! (Investigate! – 1-800-22-UNITE)