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So Powerful is the Light of Love—and Unity

Halloween has never been one of my favorite annual observances and I have heard others state the same for different reasons. Mine is primarily age related as in earlier years, in rural areas in particular —both of which I am well familiar with as when I was a child, everywhere was “rural.” Halloween in those days was especially scary with pranks that were dangerous and sometimes even fatal. But through the years things and customs continue to change–to door to door “trick or treat,” to “trunks of treats” to large malls, church and other corporate and safe settings. Recent reports now classify Halloween as fast becoming one of the most lucrative for holiday spending. Continue reading So Powerful is the Light of Love—and Unity

When you hear the term “Reproductive Justice,” what comes to mind?

by Amy Johnson,
National Coordinator for Our Whole Lives

My hope is that this phrase creates a beautiful vision in your mind of a world where not only are all children wanted, but one where their parents are generously cared for during a pregnancy, and where their families are lovingly cared for after a child is born. Imagine a world full of families of all sizes and configurations who come together in many ways and have what they need—not only to survive—but also to be abundantly healthy and to thrive.
 Continue reading When you hear the term “Reproductive Justice,” what comes to mind?

Our defensive/offensive living

It requires no extensive/expensive study of our immediate surroundings and world society to note that the primary requisite for survival in today’s tumultuous society is to perfect the art of “defensive living.”

This awkward and humiliating state of existence results from more recent generations of compounded egotism in particular. In this nation’s infancy (as is inherent in nature) protection, education and the general welfare of our children and posterity, as well as those of others, was a priority. Continue reading Our defensive/offensive living

15 Now Roanoke

Hosted by Community Cultivators

In response to the scheduled announcement today from Senator John Edwards and Delegate Sam Rasoul

15 Now Roanoke is a community movement about raising the lowest standard of living, about ensuring decency for all of us, college degree or not. In the 2nd richest country in the world nobody, especially those who work, should live in poverty. One of our mottos is “Everyone’s worth a living wage”. Continue reading 15 Now Roanoke

Confessions of a stay-at-home dad

by Larry Hester, writer

My editor has been asking me since I first started writing this column to talk about what it’s like being a young, Black stay-at-home dad. I didn’t address it initially since I felt too inexperienced at the time to speak on it. But after two years of being a dad, I finally feel like I’m at a place where I can explain it without sounding like a total moron. Continue reading Confessions of a stay-at-home dad