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Guest Commentary

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levitra professional 40 mg I was disappointed with Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s response after the NAACP Jubilee service when I asked if he was supporting the Equal Rights Amendment. He told me the ERA isn’t necessary. People who believe the ERA isn’t necessary need to understand the reasons why there is a growing movement to finish the work to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Continue reading Guest Commentary

Celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. MLK Jr. Turtle Talk Throughout the nation the January 15 birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has been celebrated on the third Monday of January since its official designation as a national holiday. The historic holiday is customarily celebrated with symbolic marches, speeches and other special observances, championed this year with release of the highly acclaimed movie, “Selma” that highlights the life, struggles and ultimate impact of Dr. King’s nonviolent approach to ending the shameful legal treatment of Blacks in the deep south.  Continue reading Celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. MLK Jr.

“Why is it so important to Yall?”

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 Open Letter to my Community…

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I’m willing to bet that many of you reading this letter have had that question posed to you concerning Black history—slavery—and yes, Henry Street. I thought that I might share with you a possible response that you could share with the next person to ask such a simple question. Continue reading “Why is it so important to Yall?”

Entering the New Year with a hopeful spirit


enter by Brentley de Bardelaben,  watch Minister for Communication  

As a Christian, one of my favorite religious seasons is Advent. It holds meaning because of its themes of hope, peace, love, and joy in anticipation of the arrival of light into a dark world; the birth of the Christ child, Emmanuel – God with us – on Christmas Day. Continue reading Entering the New Year with a hopeful spirit

Revisiting the holiday season—as time goes by . . .

Turtle Talk

Since time immemorial the Christmas season has been (and continues to be) the most highly celebrated and lengthy holiday season of the year. During this season more time is accrued for family gatherings, socialization, gift giving and an accumulation of favorite foods on dinner tables. The warmth and love the holiday generates is enhanced through many prior weeks of psychological preparation around different themes and musical tempos. Continue reading Revisiting the holiday season—as time goes by . . .