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When nothing else works, read the directions . . .

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informazioni viagra generico a Roma The reality of man is not his material body but his thought. “As a man thinketh, so is he,” we read in Biblical scriptures.

follow link The thought force and the animal force are partners,” state the Baha’i Holy Scriptures. But although man is part of the animal creation he possesses a power of thought superior to all other created beings. Therefore the glory of man is wisdom, not ignorance; light, not darkness. If man were to care only for himself he would be nothing but another animal. Nay, lower than the animal that has no choice.  Continue reading When nothing else works, read the directions . . .

Greasing the skids to deeper economic distress via Fast Track

safe cheap canadian levitra dove acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Venezia by Edith Rasell Just as the country is finally beginning to recover from the Great Recession, Congress is set to deliver another blow to the economy. Over the past 20 years, so-called “free trade” agreements (FTAs) have sent hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas, harmed workers in the United States and around the world, weakened protective regulations, and exacerbated inequality. But despite this history of destruction, Congress will soon consider two more FTAs: the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the European Union. These agreements cannot be passed unless Congress first adopts special “Fast Track” procedures to grease the process. Fast Track legislation must be stopped. Continue reading Greasing the skids to deeper economic distress via Fast Track

New prescriptions needed for new world remedies

guaranteed best priceest free cialis Some of my very long time readers and subscribers may remember a series of editorials in the early days of my editing of The Roanoke Tribune during the late 70’s and early 80’s on Henry Street, devoted to addressing pertinent issues through a particular series, one alphabet at a time. I am reminded of it as this week I explore three crucial C’s in stabilizing a run-away society that would have been unimaginable even then.  Continue reading New prescriptions needed for new world remedies

Divinity and diversity

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see url by Brentley deBardelaben, Minister for Communication go to link  

Every year before taking vows to become followers of Christ, I take my church’s young people to a mosque in Central Ohio. By simply crossing the threshold, we are breaking down misunderstanding. Last year, one of the young people asked, “Why do people hate Muslims? Everyone here welcomes us with a smile and God’s love.” I answered, “Then tell those who hate what your experience has been. Do not be afraid to share good news about your welcome here.” Since then, these young people – the next generation’s leaders, perhaps – have developed growing friendships in the Muslim community. Continue reading Divinity and diversity

Exploring Black History. . .

Each year while gathering information on Black pioneers and history makers we become mesmerized and exhilarated by the oceans of information being increasingly made available from ever widening sources. It is even more rewarding to have lived through the unparalleled period of time that witnessed much pertinent Black History in the making, especially through my association with the media–with which I have been affiliated for some 70 years on six different newspapers (two of which were White-) in four different states. My association comes not always through the glamorous profession of interviewing and reporting (that still does not appeal to me), but through dingy, often smoke filled all-male composition rooms from which the printed media came, prior to computers.  Continue reading Exploring Black History. . .

Every month matters


Black History Month has historically been observed in February each year. It is meant to honor and recognize the incredible courage and witness of African-American heroes and sheroes who have shaped our communities, our churches, and our nation. I am continually in awe of those who have made a difference in my life throughout the years. I am privileged to work with such folks every day, but will not call them out by name without their permission. It is important to set aside a special time of the year for this purpose, but it is time to proclaim that every month matters! Continue reading Every month matters