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Prejudice with Pride . . .

We all like to identify with people, places and things in which we can take great pride.

We also equally deplore and denounce most forms of prejudice–when clearly recognized as such. What we may not recognize so clearly, however is that the biggest difference between the two is who has it! If it’s mine its pride; if it’s yours, it’s prejudice. Therefore the primary obstacle in eradicating the many forms of prejudice is recognizing and owning up to it–in whatsoever tabernacle it may harbor. Continue reading Prejudice with Pride . . .

Truth Will Out

Last week, former Olympic track stars, John Carlos and Tommie Smith, iconic figures from yesteryear, were inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame. When I learned that this was going to happen, many thoughts and feelings washed over me.

The old statement “Truth will out” kept ringing in my mind. The truth may be hidden, but sooner or later, it will be found out. By doing their heroic act at the 1968 Olympics Carlos and Smith were vilified by friend and foe alike. Now the truth is out, and they are treated like the heroes they were. Continue reading Truth Will Out

They Shall Beat their Swords into Healthcare

by Michael Neuroth

They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.
(Isaiah 2:4, NRSV)

Last week, the United Church of Christ along with the Illinois Conference, Chicago’s Trinity UCC announced 6,000 families in Chicago will have $5.3 million dollars of medical debt forgiven. This incredible moment of biblical jubilee was made possible thanks to the generosity of several local churches as well as sources outside the denomination. Continue reading They Shall Beat their Swords into Healthcare

Acting to End Child Poverty

“We’ve had 20 years of presidential debates, and we have never talked about the violence in America of child poverty. We have got to begin to talk more eloquently and persuasively and urgently about doing the things not just to make sure fair taxes are paid by people on the top, but that we deal with the moral obscenity of having the highest levels of child poverty in the industrial world.”
– Senator Cory Booker, October 15 Democratic presidential debate Continue reading Acting to End Child Poverty

Looking For Peace in All The Wrong Places . . .

Our present world order, built on competition, winners and losers, and “heroes,” is a system that fosters mass bitter rivalries, ego-tripping and vendettas by one disgruntled mass toward another which blocks the cohesiveness and cooperation necessary to promote the best interest of the whole. This atmosphere is not conducive to spirituality, an indispensable part of the equation as the triune nature of mankind is equally physical, mental and spiritual. Over or under-development of any one of the three creates an imbalance. Continue reading Looking For Peace in All The Wrong Places . . .

A Case for Medical Care-for-All

The facts are not in dispute. The United States spends more per person on medical care than any other country, and the gap is getting worse. The American Medical Care system leaves millions of its citizens uninsured, and it has the worst health outcomes of any wealthy country.

Medicare-for-All would cost less than the current system, and 70 percent of Americans support such a plan, according to a survey conducted in 2018. Continue reading A Case for Medical Care-for-All