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A House (or Nation) Divided . . .

As old as time itself is the game of “divide and conquer.” According to St. Mark 3:24-25, “If a kingdom be divided against itself it cannot stand.” Neither can a house divided against itself stand and most certainly nor can a nation divided against itself. Yet we allow ourselves to become such easy prey by being so easily divided, controlled and subsequently conquered through our multiple prejudices—or “pride” if we chose to dress it up as such. Actually the only difference between the two is who has it! If it’s yours it’s prejudice–if its mine, its pride! Continue reading A House (or Nation) Divided . . .

Pandemic Reveals Major Faults

The Coronavirus pandemic is revealing at least two sets of problems in the United States. One set is the almost unbelievable level of President Trump’s ignorance and incompetence, along with his colossal disregard for human lives. The other is the non-existence of an American public health system.

I agree with Ralph Nader. President Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States. And his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, the tip of the iceberg, is our focus here. Continue reading Pandemic Reveals Major Faults

Lockdowns, Social Distancing and Working from Home: A View from the Underside

By Deenabandhu Manchala,
Area Executive for Southern Asia for the United Church of Christ

In just over two months, coronavirus has turned the world upside down, forcing us to accept many unsettling realities and to deviate from familiar paths and pursuits. With numbers rising daily all over the world, and with vaccine and drugs several months away, the journey ahead is likely to be long and hard. Continue reading Lockdowns, Social Distancing and Working from Home: A View from the Underside

Wisdom from Civil Rights Leader Rev. Joseph Lowery, a Big Oak Tree of Hope

In the midst of the sadness and fear surrounding the pandemic our nation is struggling through, we have lost a civil rights giant. When Joe Lowery was about 11 years old in 1930s Alabama, a policeman hit him in the stomach with a bully stick for being in a white man’s way. He responded by trying to run home to get his father’s gun. His father stopped him from retaliating that day, but Joe made it his mission to fight back against injustice when he grew up. Continue reading Wisdom from Civil Rights Leader Rev. Joseph Lowery, a Big Oak Tree of Hope

Getting away with Murder

Addressing a campaign rally in Sioux Center, Iowa, on Saturday, January 23, 2016, Donald Trump bragged that his “people” are the most loyal. “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay? It’s, like, incredible,” Trump said.

Well, Trump’s wild and unprecedented prediction is playing out these days as more and more Americans become infected with Covid-19 and as more and more die. In essence, he has been standing in the middle of “main street, America” blocking efforts to lessen this crisis. More people are dying as a result, and amazingly, he is not losing any voters. Continue reading Getting away with Murder