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Emancipation from “The Prison of Self” . . . “None of us is as smart as all of us,” reads the caption of a photo of one Little League football team. Neither is any one of us as strong as all of us.

enter site I will ever vividly recall the story of one father while standing beside a huge rock looked down and told his son to pick it up. The young man worked tenaciously at the task before finally giving up. Continue reading Emancipation from “The Prison of Self” . . .

Trump and McConnell – Russian Assets? Malcolm Nance and other security experts have taught us a new word from the world of spying, “asset.” As I understand it, spies or agents of one country try to connect professionally or socially with a person from another country to get them to do things in the interest of the spying country. When they succeed, the object person is called an “asset.” They are an asset, whether they act knowingly or unknowingly. Continue reading Trump and McConnell – Russian Assets?

Not a Place for Guns comprare viagra generico a Napoli by Roberto Ochoa,
levitra generico Palermo Program Associate for Congregations of Color

quanto costa Viagra generico 25 mg online a Napoli “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil.” (Psalm 23:4, NASB)

click The tragedy of the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut occurred during my first year as a local church pastor in New England. The Sunday following the shootings was Gaudete (Joy) Sunday in the Advent calendar, and though we lit the Advent candles, I decided to do away with my prepared sermon and read the 23rd Psalm and opened up the floor for the congregation to share their feelings about what happened in Sandy Hook. Continue reading Not a Place for Guns

White Supremacy and Violence

Violence is as American as apple pie,” Rap Brown famously said. As is often the case, Rap’s pronouncement did not get serious consideration in mainstream America. Nevertheless, many observers may be getting close to realizing Rap’s declaration in its full context.

Rap was not limiting his comments to mean mere random acts of violence between citizens, which has always been a problem. Instead, he was addressing how force is used and what purpose it serves. Continue reading White Supremacy and Violence

Love is Justice Embodied by Sarah Lund, Minister for Disabilities and Mental Health Justice

According to Omid Safi, “love is justice embodied.” When following Jesus’ teachings to love our neighbors, how do we embody this love? How does the love of God show up in our embodied selves? What if we were to measure our love for neighbor by how their bodies are doing?

For example, does our neighbor’s body have the nutrients needed for physical and mental well-being? Is there clean water to drink, fresh fruits to enjoy, and enough to nourish the growing children in the house? Continue reading Love is Justice Embodied